Research Proposal: Job Performance of a Nurse

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¶ … Nursing is undergoing continuous and significant change. The changes are the result of economic, psychosocial, educational, and psychological factors that have forced these changes and applied pressure to the health profession. With all this change and the prospect of universal health care, the cornerstone of proper patient care will be the nurse. What role will the nurse play in the future and what will his or her job responsibilities be?

This study is needed to answer the problem of what that role of the nurse will be in this future "unknown" program of "healthcare for all" and what importance the nurse does and will play. Will the nurse be "lost" in the bureaucracy of a giant machine?


This study will review the important role the nurse has played in our private healthcare system to this day, the job responsibilities and discuss why it is so important that this significant role continue in the future. It will also review the nursing process and discuss its impact on patient care and the crucial role it must continue to play.


What must be accomplished is the establishment of proof of the significance of the nurse's role through research, example, and hypotheses. This study must examine the evidence of the past to show that the future, though changed in structure has no less a need for the important function and expanding job responsibilities of the nurse.

Review of Literature

The areas of literature surveyed will be the importance of nursing and some of the past history of the profession, the key ingredient of why nurses are so important in any health system -- patient care and communication, the "nursing process," nursing theory and practice, current job responsibilities of the nurse,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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