Job Satisfaction for Employees Essay

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Paid Vacation Time

The organization understands that employees need some vacation time. With that in mind the organization does offer its employees paid vacation time. The employees do receive four weeks of paid vacation time. The paid vacation ensures that an employee continues to receive their salary and benefits even if they are not working (Xavier, 2014). Burnout is likely to occur if the employees do not take timeout from their work. It is for this reason that the organization encourages it employees to take some time off from work.

Short-Term Disability Insurance

This would be part of the medical cover and it ensures that employees who are injured and cannot work for a short period of time will still receive a percentage of their salary. Short-term disability could be caused by illness, accident, and injury. The guarantee that one would still continue receiving a part of their salary when they are unable to work for a short period is beneficial to employees and allows them to recoup in peace. However, in order for an employee to be eligible for short-term disability they need have used up all their sick days. The benefit is offered to employees and it allows them to be secure in the knowledge that accidents or injuries can occur within and outside the workplace. If such an injury took place the organization would not abandon them, but would stick with them till the end.

Communicating the Benefits and Compensation Packages

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It is vital that the organization communicates the benefits that each employee receives. The language used should ensure that an employee understand and comprehends what the organization is offering them in terms of salary and benefits. When communicating to employee what they will receive in terms of package, it is best to tell them the total package and not just the cash portion. Being able to quantify the different benefits that an employee receive is beneficial and ensures that the employee is able to quantify the benefits as well. Quantifying the benefits allows the employee to understand what they are receiving in terms of cash and this is a great morale booster for the organization.

Essay on Job Satisfaction for Employees Assignment

Another great way of communicating the benefits to the employees is by sending out newsletters or written communications detailing what the company is offering in terms of benefits. A simple handbook detailing the benefits would go a long way to ensure that employees are aware of what their benefits are and what limitations they have on benefits. The benefits should also include the cost to the employee in order to ensure that employees understand the cost implications of the said benefits. There should also be personalized benefit statement for each employee that would offer a breakdown of the benefits offered to the employee by the organization. The breakdown should be in dollars and cents to ensure that the employee understands and feel valued by the organization.

In conclusion, the chosen plan is appropriate because it ensures that the employees major needs are catered for by the organization and there is a proper breakdown of the benefits to each employee. The employees were complaining mainly because they did not understand or have all the information in regards to the benefits offered. Once the communications have been issued, employees will be better informed and they can equate their benefits to a sum that they can quantify at the end of the year.


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