Term Paper: Job Satisfaction the First Characteristic

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Job Satisfaction

The first characteristic I look for when applying for a job is the compensation level. I wish to be well compensated for the amount of time I spend in accomplishing my job. In return for that compensation, I put forth one hundred percent effort. That effort is not only at a consistent and very high level, but it is also a source of pride for me. I wish to be known for being a hard worker, an individual who will show up on time, every time, and an individual who is well worth the amount of money being paid, no matter how high that level is.

I just compensation tells me that I am being justly valued. It displays to me the company's willingness to reward my efforts. There is no other characteristic of a job that says to me, 'we honor you, we value you and we compensate you.' If a company wished to keep me working there, they would continually raise my compensation to an ever higher and higher level.

The only characteristic of job satisfaction that comes as close to a just compensation is the second characteristic that I look for when contemplating a new job. That characteristic is; how does the company value its employees (besides the compensation). Does the company offer rewards for a particularly well done job or project? Does the company offer rewards or perks for its employees that excel at whatever is asked of them? Does the company offer vacations or trips to exotic locations as bonuses for those highly motivated employees? If so, then I would be the employee most likely to take advantage of such rewards.

I wish to know that if I put forth an exceptionally high level of effort, for an exceptionally long length of time, that I will be rewarded with especially nice perks such as trips to exotic locations. I especially enjoy contests that pit myself against other employees, with the winner receiving fine rewards, while the loser finds himself having to return to work, a little wiser and (perhaps) a little more motivated to do better the next time. A company that displays this type of characteristic would be a company that I would truly enjoy working for.

Another characteristic of a company that I look for when deciding where to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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