Job Satisfaction in Nursing Levels Literature Review Chapter

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Roelen C.A., (2012). Low job satisfaction does not identify nurses at risk of future sickness absence: Results from a Norwegian cohort study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. Vol. 50 Pp 366-373.

The writers here look at the aspect of low job satisfaction and how this affects the individual nurse, not only by a possibility of leaving his job but also the possible future impacts that it may have. It also looks at the effects that such low levels of motivation among nurses may have on the clients or the patients who visit them. The source is quite significant since it gives the numerical data as well as explaining the implications of these data collected.

Beatrice J.K. (2010). Nursing Staff Teamwork and Job Satisfaction. Journal of Nursing Management. Vol. 18 Pp 938-947

The writer looks at the aspect of teamwork in the field of nurses and the possible impact this may have on the nurses. She explains the effect that low job satisfaction may have on the nurses and how team approach can be used to tackle this trend. The paper is actually based on research that was based on nurses from four different hospitals. There are numerical data that are given to help explain the findings and the effects that teamwork had on the subjects and she colludes that teamwork greatly contributes to job satisfaction among nurses.

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Howard S. R & Beatrice L.R., (1997).Nursing Administration Handbook. Fourth Ed. Aspen Publishers Inc.,

Literature Review Chapter on Job Satisfaction in Nursing Levels Assignment

This is an entre book that focusses on the administration within the nursing profession and the important section to this topic is the section that deals with the issue of employment of nurses and the retention criteria that should be used by administrators, as well as the motivation techniques that should be used to retain nurses within the profession.

Marianne R.J., (2012).Nursing Student Retention: Understanding the Process and Making A Difference. Second Ed. New York: Springer Publishing Company.

The book looks into the issue of nursing students and the diminishing trend of students coming into the profession and the dropout s from the nursing colleges. She gives the possible causes and looks at how these factors may affect even the performance in the future after becoming registered nurses.

Robin C.H. & Lisa R., (2013). Addressing the Challenges of Nursing Student Attrition. Journal Of Nursing Education. Vol.52 No. X

The writers look at the aspect of student nurses and what challenges they face. They also go further to show how these factors may end up affecting other people who are not aware of the challenges that the nursing students undergo. The writers go one to give suggestions of what should be done to check the attrition levels among students.

AMN Healthcare Inc., (2013). 2013 Survey of Registered Nurses: Generational Gap Grows as Healthcare Transforms.

This source looks at the already existing nursing turnover rates that are high and try to explain the reason behind them. More significantly it gives the costs that come with this high turnover and this is in terms of money as well as the human skills and humanitarian aspect of it. The source is significant since it gives the figures and numbers of the costs that are experienced due to high turnover. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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