Job Satisfaction Survey Research Studies Term Paper

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Job Satisfaction Survey

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Research studies, whether they are clinical trial based, experimental, case study designed, or descriptive, must exhibit and command interest, enthusiasm, and passionate commitment. The research investigator must catch the essential quality of the excitement of discovery that comes from research well done if expected results are to be gained. To this end the researcher is bound by a very stringent protocol for the development of all research endeavors. Not only must the investigator clearly define the research problem but must also plainly state a research question, followed by a testable research null hypothesis. Contained within the format of the research purpose, question, and hypothesis are various inherent constraints that will alert the reader as to the investigator's knowledge of, and adherence to, those tenets that make for sound, credible, and purposeful research (Ohlson, 1998). Included in the aforementioned three research requirements are statements of, and a rational for the use of, specifically chosen variables (independent and dependent), measurement or data assessment tools, statistical data analysis techniques, and potential error sources. Wherein most research fails to deliver scientific information for the advancement of content knowledge is in the area of study error. The remainder of this report will examine one source of possible error, namely that associated with sampling. Once sampling theory has been examined the garnered information will be applied to a specific study using a job satisfaction survey.

Term Paper on Job Satisfaction Survey Research Studies, Whether They Assignment

Sampling. The most succinct and effective way to view research sampling is to look at the process as being a part of a whole that represents a larger connection (Ohlson, 1998). Briefly defined sampling is the taking any portion of a population or universe, as representative of that population or universe. Sampling alone can skew testing results, infuse… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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