Johannes Kepler Made Important Contributions to Astronomy Thesis

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Johannes Kepler made important contributions to astronomy in the decades after Copernicus. His primary contribution was a modification or correction that he made to Copernicus's assumption that planets revolved around the sun in circular orbits: Kepler correctly argued that the revolutions are elliptical in nature.

Galileo must be counted among the most important of all astronomers because of his insistence on the use of rigorous observation. The first person ever to use a telescope to make detailed observations of the galaxy, he discovered the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter.

The British astronomer John Hadley (b. 1682) invented the first reflecting telescope, which allowed for all of the modern observations. His compatriot William Herschel brought about substantial improvements in telescope technology and with his reflecting telescope discovered Uranus and then the moons of Uranus and Saturn. He also discovered a number of deep-sky objects. He worked with his sister, Caroline Herschel -- one of the women who is often left out of the history of astronomy (Brock, 2007).

Finally, I believe that it is so hard for people to let go of the geocentric view of the galaxy because humans like to believe that we are supremely important. Because so many people lack a firm grounding in science they can hold to such beliefs because they do not understand the flaws in them. This is analogous to the ways in which people can doubt that global warming is both real and caused by human activities.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Question Two

TOPIC: Thesis on Johannes Kepler Made Important Contributions to Astronomy Assignment

Geoscience is a general term that comprises a number of related scientific disciplines, including geology, geochemistry, and geophysics and usually also oceanography and meteorology. Each of these sciences in different ways attend to the origins of our planet, the physical composition and form of Earth, the topological features of our planet, and the ways in which is has changed over time and continues to change. Geography blends the study of the Earth and its physical features with a study of the way in which these features affect humans and the ways in which humans in turn affect the Earth.

I believe that the greatest strength and weakness of geography are actually the same. It is both more holistic and more interdisciplinary than are sciences such as physics -- or geology. I think that this holistic focus -- which bridges the hard sciences and the social sciences -- causes other scientists to take geographers less seriously, which limits the ways in which geography can influence the international dialogue of science. At the same time, I think that the scientific aspects of geography cut off geographers from other social scientists such as anthropologists, with whom there should be a natural alliance. The result is a sort of orphaned science.

However, I also believe that a holistic approach is the only viable one for the discipline and has allowed it to make important advances in our understanding of our species (Harvey, 1997, p. 78).

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Climate is generally defined as the combination of meteorological conditions that are typical for a region. These include the amount of precipitation, the average temperatures, and wind patterns. Climate is relatively stable and long-term. Weather consists of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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