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Brand Stewardship Blog: What's in Your Jordans?

Other than the occasional Hanes commercial, we really aren't seeing too much of Michael Jordan these days. After his record-shattering career spanning several decades in college and professional basketball -- and trying his hand at a few other sports and a fondly remembered blockbuster movie (anyone else have a hankering to watch Space Jam again?) -- one can hardly blame the man for wanting a bit of relaxation. But if you think we're just sitting back and relaxing, too, you've got another think coming.

Air Jordans might have been the perfect shoe when they were first introduced, but like the Master of the Air himself we here at Nike keep on striving to improve upon perfection. New features and changes to construction are a constant part of our effort to produce the most performance for your feet, and to make sure you look good in 'em, too. Check out just a few of the features in our latest incarnation of these ever-popular pedal pumpers:

Feel up to a swashbuckling duel? You'll be ready for some fancy swordplay in your new Air Jordans, with lateral areas of breathable mesh to keep that foot well ventilated, slashed in a sleek and controlled design inspired by the skill, athleticism, and strategy of world class fencing.

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As any good swordsman or b-ball player will tell you, the best offense is a good defense. The 2009 Air Jordans have been designed with responsiveness as their key feature, emulating MJ's ability to control the ball and the game like a chess Grand Master. The spacing of construction elements, the selection of the right pieces for the right moves, and the strategy of the long-game are all built into this pair of sneakers. We can't help you when it comes to choosing your moves, but we made sure you have the right support for all of them!

TOPIC: Article on Jordan Shoes Celebrities Assignment

We like to think that, when it comes to making a performance-enhancing shoe, energy efficiency is apt -- Articulated Propulsion Technology, that is. The unique and never-duplicated layering of materials in the soles of the shoes takes the energy coming in from a hard landing and puts it back in your next bounce, improving your run, your jump, and easing the strain on those hard-working feet. Just take a few strides and you'll feel what we mean.

His Airness will never be replaced, of course, but the Air Jordan team continues to look for inspiration from some of today's established and rising stars. We knew we had MJ's seal of approval for the changes we made to his shoe in 2009, but grabbing an endorsement from Dwayne Wade -- a 2006 NBA champion, a gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the scoring champion in 2009 -- really has us tickled. If he says the shoe works for him, can you really afford to be out of the hoop….er, that is, loop?

Change is good, as long as it's the right change. We know you liked Air Jordan's in all of their previous forms, and so did we. We can always do better, though, and this time we've really outdone ourselves. So go ahead -- admire, aspire, acquire. We've got plenty of pairs to go around, this time, and after taking these pups for a spin we promise you'll never want another pair of high-performance athletic shoes again. Until we come out with our next round of improvements, that is (and given the job we've done this time around, finding places for those improvements won't be easy).

Company News Blog: Who's in Our Jordans?

Nothing gets us more excited than seeing who's wearing and enjoying our shoes. Air Jordans have always been popular with performance-minded ball players for obvious reasons -- the technology and the commitment to enhancement at the Air Jordan team is second to none -- but we've also managed to capture the attention of fashionistas from all walks of life. We're not ones to brag (okay, yes we are!), but it's hard to turn on the TV or flip through a magazine these days without spotting a pair of our sneakers standing out while wrapped around a pair of famous feet. Check out some of the many types of celebrities who won't set a foot outside unless it's inside one of our Air Jordan shoes:

Stars of the Screens. It might not be a big surprise that rapper-turned-blockbuster-actor Will Smith can be seen spotting numerous pairs of Airs both in various roles (including the Fresh Prince) and on the street, but did you might be surprised to learn some of the company he keeps in this regard. John Goodman sports his Jordans in the royal comedy King Ralph, Jerry Seinfeld wore them onscreen in several episodes of his Emmy-winning sitcom, and Fred Savage can even be seen in a pair during some shots of the Wonder Years, a show set in a time before the shoes even existed (we think Savage was just way ahead of his time).

Folks Behind the Scenes. Watching these shoes work their magic on TV or the big screen can be distracting, so some celebs like to keep them behind the camera or in other places unseen when they're doing what it is they do. When work is done and they're out for fun, though, they take their Air Jordans right along with them. Writer, producer, and director Spike Lee is a fixture at every home-court Knicks game, and his shoes are as firmly affixed to his feet as he is to his seat (even more so, actually, given the amount of excited bouncing around Spike does during the game -- our shoes must help give him the extra comfort and energy he needs to maintain his intesnsity). DJ AM, otherwise known as Adam Goldstein, is a major fan of the brand, as well, and though you can't see his shoes on the radio he sports them everywhere he goes -- and there are photos to prove it!

In the Ring. We know our shoes perform well on the court -- that's what they were made for, after all. We never imagined that they would be so conducive to other athletic pursuits, however, but when you see the moves he WWE's John Cena puts on has opponents the need for high-performance and high-style footwear becomes incredibly clear. From spinning an opponent into the ropes to setting up a ump for an elbow-focused landing on the enemy's ribcage, Air Jordan's help Cena get his work done -- and they make sure he looks good doing it, too!

Folks that Sing. Nowhere are Air Jordans more popular than in the world of hip-hop, and the list of artists that are caught posing in our shoes is endless. Mos Def, Jaz-Z, Kanye, Ludacris, KID CuDI -- the list goes on and on. Whether these guys are out playing a quick pick up game, at the court watching the professionals do their thing, in the studio making their own brand of magic, or if they're simply out for a stroll on a sunny day, it'd be hard to find any of these music sensations without their Air Jordans firmly in place.

This list of famous Air Jordan fans is truly endless, and growing every day. We salute these folks for their taste in shoes, and for keeping Air Jordans in the news.

Industry News Blog: Why Aren't They Jordans?

Celebrity endorsed shoes are no longer a new phenomenon; the popularity of the Air Jordan model of business has long since become an endemic and expected feature of the industry. Celebrity associations with a range of specific products have taken off following the success of the Air Jordan concept, in fact, to the point that it is now a ubiquitous element of advertising. This is not to suggest that Nike and the Air Jordan line were the originators of celebrity endorsement, which has been around longer than mass media, but it is interesting to note how clearly and directly the Air Jordan concept is being used in the footwear industry, with celebrity and especially athlete names now directly linked with specific shoes produced by a number of companies. We don't think any of them quite compare either in celebrity or in shoe quality to our own, but we'll let you be the judge.

Puma has been putting a lot of emphasis on its endorsement by Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, the Jamaican track star who runs the 100m and 200m dashes faster than any other man alive, and the shoe company recently announced its renewing its deal with the runner through 2013. We love Bolt, and there's certainly no detracting from his immense performance capabilities and his titles -- titles he'll be defending this year during the Summer Games in London -- but the endorsement and, to be frank, the shoe itself both seem rather lackluster. The company and Bolt himself are clearly trying to capitalize on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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