Joshua Tree the Desert Climate and Topology Research Paper

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The desert climate and topology are harsh, extreme and inhospitable to many forms of vegetation. Those plant species which are able to weather the conditions produced by the desert form a unique ecosystem of species equipped with the tools to survive. Among the most distinct and visually compelling of desert species, the account here considers briefly the nature of the Joshua Tree. A member of the yucca genus, the tree boasts a configuration which allows it to be sustained during long, dry stretches and with no canopy protection from the hard desert sun. Conversely, its uncommon structure does make it a rare plant outside of the Southwestern United States. Here though, it can be seen in such well-preserved contexts as the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden in Claremont.

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A species most frequently associated with the desert landscapes of Southern California, the Joshua Tree's care is generally facilitated by its own internal structure. Its survival in hot, dry climates is accommodated by an unusually long rooting system which allows it to draw water from deep below sandy and rocky surfaces. Accordingly, we find that the Joshua Tree's roots can reach up to as long as 11 meters, making them particularly apt to reaching water sources even during sustained times of drought or water scarcity. (Wikipedia, 1) Additionally, the Joshua Tree's trunk is dissimilar to that of most trees. Rather than a single solid body identifiable by its internal rings, the Joshua Tree's trunk is actually a stalk of tightly interwoven fibers that make the plant sturdy but not rigid. This proves critical to survival in the face of sandstorms or other extreme weather conditions. (Wikipedia, 1)

Research Paper on Joshua Tree the Desert Climate and Topology Assignment

Though the plant only first appeared in formal documentation during the late 19th century, its use had been central to Native American life for centuries. Its 'bayonet' shaped leaves have made this a preferred way of yielding sandals, baskets… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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