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There are some simple and not easily recognizable habits that each language carries and the individual will automatically find himself expressing these as is imbibed through the languages. I agree that English is a carrier of culture and this is evident by looking at the countries that were colonized by British, there are several cultures that they took after the British left and left behind their language which is English being spoken. The dress codes, manner of wedding ceremonies, education systems and so on are easily identified as areas that the British influenced many of their colonies through their language.

The imposition of language can effectively impose the culture of another people to a different group of people. It is also notable that through the use of language, there can be elements of oppression that are enforced on the subjects since the subject will begin to willingly or unknowingly do the dictates of the language imposed, he will be told this is what the English language entails hence when using this particular article, you have to follow it with this and that. It is also apparent that the subjects will start systematically replacing metaphors, imageries and even cultural sayings with those of the English language imposed on them.

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When Ngugi decries the foreign influence through books, it is a valid point. Indeed the books that I have interacted with closely, especially in the academic journey since childhood have been American-based hence confining the world view that I have to predominantly American view. I am tempted to imagine that if I was subjected to foreign books throughout in the foreign language, then my world view would be very different since it is true that language ferries culture.

Part 6

"Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital" by Robert D. Putnam

Discussion Chapter on Journal Writing "A Modest Proposal" Assignment

Indeed Putnam argues out his reasons why the membership of late has been declining among the support groups and he cites technology among other reasons. However, the point that I agree most is that this decline in membership is occasioned by the shift in these groups from serving the need for engagement in public life and is now concentrating in focusing on personal life and personal needs. This then means that there is a decline in individual investment in the community building and consequently the decreasing sense of trust among the Americans.

The four reasons that Putnam lists on why the social capital is eroding are the movement of women into paid labor forces hence diminishing the traditional women groups that existed, the growing mobility of the contemporary American families is the second reason, thirdly he state the growing demographic transformations with reduction in marriages, increased divorces and declining number of children. Fourth in line is the technological transformation of leisure. I would agree more with the last instance since bonds are known to be formed best while young, and those bonds formed at the young age will hardly get broken yet technology has surpassed the human interaction. This has resulted to loose or no bonds formed at the tender age hence the integration of the society falls apart perpetually as the disintegrated generation becomes of age. The other reason which he could have probably added is the globalization that has hit the society now making people to focus more on the globally accepted or fashionable ways of interaction over the traditional community-based groupings and human interaction.

The countertrends is like a sobriety test that the writer puts in place to try and inform the reader of the replacements that are taking place, or if the reader never knew that these were not the original intention of the society he is made aware and the subsequent replacement of the traditional structures. For instance, there are new mass-membership organizations that have some up to replace the communal groups that were in existence.

The target audiences in this article are the young and upcoming generation that might still have the chance to revert the American society back to where it used to be. The clues that point towards this are numerous, but the most outstanding is the constant reminder of the societal structures and membership groups that used to exist in the earlier decades yet is diminished at present. It shows that the targeted audience must have not had a chance to know the previous ways of Americans carrying out their socialization, they might have not experienced the group Bowling sessions and are constantly confined into Bowling Alone.

Part 7

"Where is the Child's Environment? A Group Socialization Theory of Development" by Judith Rich Harris

Harris argue that parents have no influence if not very little over the behavior of their children or the children that grow in their hands. He gives various examples and even cites the monozygotic twins who grow up under the same roof with the same parents being different in behavior at the end of it all.

Correlation means that the effect that is obtained or seen after and interaction could have been influenced in part by the probably sources of the effect. In this case, there could be other influencing factors but there is some link with the sources referred to. Cause on the other hand is absolute link to the observed outcome, in that it is ascertained that there could be no other reason for the event to occur as it has and the result as witnessed.

Harris arguments are not absolutely counter-intuitive, only that it has a small margin of application and majority of the cases fall outside his axis of argument. There are cases that from the same house comes a philanthropist out to help people and the next brother is a mean egoistic individual yet they all grew up under the same parents. Such are diversities that are hard to explain from the parenting point-of-view but one is tempted to resort to the personal genetic wiring.

The twins are important when it comes to studies as the one put up by Harris since bearing the close genetic composition, there is a presumption that the similarities they will portray will be due to the genetic composition hence the researcher will concentrate on the differences in behavior that they depict and try to find out the reason behind them. They are easier to use as samples since some intervening variable like the genes has already been taken care of to be significantly close.

Part 8

"A More Perfect Union" by Barack Obama

Apparently this was a speech that was made by Barck Obama when he was still a senator and was vying for the nomination by the Democratic Party to be the flag bearer. His audience was the members of Democratic Party whom he wanted to support him in the nomination. He appealed to each section of this audience by highlighting the specific challenges that they faced, picking the most common of the challenges the American society faced at the time like racism and the disenfranchised middle class that consisted of the whites as the majority here.

Obama appeals to the American patriotism first by invoking the vision of the cofounding fathers who signed the agreement to stick as the people of the perfect union. He further appeals to the patriotism by clearly indicating that race does not exempt one from American challenges hence the fate is same and that the unity of the races as portrayed by the story of Ashley at the end of his speech is what will save America as a whole.

In this speech, Obama conveniently used religion to try and portray himself as a dependable and family person who was guided by the reverend Wright into wedding and continued spiritual guidance. He also used it to show that we are all fallible him included and that the walk ahead in the campaigns may not be easy but it will be important to remember this. He finally used religion to show that that if misused, religion can be a great dividing factor as it was a heated debate at the time since the remarks that reverend Wright made concerning racism in America.

Obama has effectively addressed the issue of unity of American people as one and in so doing he was careful to address the people from different backgrounds. In a bid to bring the sense that the Americans have a common challenge to overcome and need to unite as one, Obama highlighted the challenges that the blacks face, those that afflict the white, those that afflict the immigrants and the middle class in general and in so doing, appealed to all of them to have a unity of purpose as Americans.

Part 9

"None of the Above: What I.Q. Doesn't Tell You about Race" by Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell argue against the centrality of IQ test in determining the level of aptitude of individuals and also dismisses its universal application regardless of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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