Journalism Art in the Form of Wires Term Paper

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Art in the form of wires and words "

Ruth Asawa is best known for her crocheted wire sculptures, while Fiona Banner puts a new twist into the concept of nude art. Asawa's wire sculptures are three dimensional in nature while Banner's artwork is two dimensional. Asawa only used crocheted wire as material for her work; Banner employed large graphite canvases and block letters as material for hers. In creating her work Asawa used a method that "yielded fluid forms with structure and surface mutually defining one another via a repetitive, loopy line with just enough strength to hold a shape when suspended"(Miles, Dec. 31, 2006). Asawa's artwork also cut the air into silhouettes and allowed space to flow through it. For her artwork Banner simply had graphic verbal descriptions of nudes running as continuous lines throughout the canvases.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Journalism Art in the Form of Wires Assignment

Only the wires' natural grayish colors were used for Asawa's artwork. Banner, however, prominently used colors to give meaning to her work. In her piece entitled "Smokey Nude" for example, Banner used white block letters cast upon a misty… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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