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¶ … Journals that Support the Potential Intervention for Remediation and Recommendations Listed.

Farstrup, a.E., Samuels (eds), S.J. 2002. What Research Has to Say About Reading Instruction. New York: International Reading Association. Retrieved at,M1.

This book contains a series of articles concerning reading instruction research. For instance, Chapter 2, by Brian Carnbourne, is about holistic, integrated approaches to reading and language arts instruction: the constructivist framework of an instructional theory. Chapter 13, by Michael Pressley, is about metacognition and self-regulated comprehension. Chapter 15, by Elfreida H. Heibert, is about standards, assessments and text difficulty. Chapter 17, by Kathryn H. Au, is about multicultural factors and the effective instruction of students of diverse backgrounds. This is a third edition, containing current research, along with instructional implications that reflect the rapidly evolving professional context in which the research is used.

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2) Wolter, J.A., DiLollo, a. And Apel, K. 2006. A Narrative therapy approach to counseling: a model for working with adolescents and adults with language-literacy deficits. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools. Vol. 37 168-177, July 2006. - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Retrieved July 24, 2007 at

This article says that treatment lacking integrative counseling components may fail to achieve optimal outcomes. A tutorial with a narrative therapy counseling approach based on constructivist theory is advocated. The narrative therapy enhances self-esteem and self-efficacy with a sound linguistically-based remediation practice.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Journals That Support the Potential Intervention for Assignment

3) Glogowska, M., Roulstone, S., Petters, T.J.. Enderby P. 2006. Early speech and language-impaired children: linguistic, literacy, and social outcomes. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, June 2006; 48(6): 489-94. Retrieved July 24, 2007 at

This study was a follow-up of an investigation of 350 preschool children's linguistic, literacy and social outcomes at 7 to 10 years of age. The study demonstrates the long-term nature of language impairment and reinforces the need for awareness among professionals in child development and education.

4) Coburn, C.E. 2006. Framing the problem of reading instruction: using frame analysis to uncover the microprocesses of policy implementation. American Educational Research Journal, Vol. 43(3): 343-349. Retrieved July 24, 2007 at

This article encourages response to reading problems with targeted elements of instruction that are shown by research to lead to reading success. These elements are phonemic awareness, systematic, explicit-phonics instruction, sound-symbol relationships, decoding, word attack skills, spelling instruction, comprehension instruction and independent reading of high-quality books.

5) Cook-Moats, L. Every child a reader. 2006. The California Task Force on Reading. Retrieved July 24, 2007 at

This article contains a Sample Reading Curriculum Timeline for preschool through eighth grade, which advocates that a balanced reading program should include: strong literature, language and comprehensive program that is a balance of oral and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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