Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan Term Paper

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¶ … Joy Luck Club

Pleading Child." "Perfectly Contented" (155).When Jing Mei Woo realizes that tehse two titles of two apparently separate songs are part of the same musical piece she begins to understand, by uniting these two words and completing the song, that she has become closer to her mother, even after her mother's death. For most of her life, Jing Mei battles with her mother. She does not understand her mother's background and suffering fully. Nor does her mother understand the struggles of a young American woman coming to terms with her identity. Finally, the two women reach a kind of peace, that is solidified when Jing returns to China and meets with the two twins that her mother was forced to abandon when she lost everything in China.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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The hated piano is purchased for the young girl, because, Jing thinks, that her mother is merely competing with Auntie Lindo, whose daughter Waverly, a chess prodigy, is a threat to her mother's ability to brag to the other Chinese mothers. While this is true to some extent,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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