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[. . .] Similarly, the article indicated the following list of accomplishments of Juan Peron's administration.

Taking advantage of government leniency if not outright support, trade unions were formed in every industry.

Social security was made universal.

Education was made free to all who qualified.

Vast low-income housing projects were created.

Paid vacations became standard.

A working student was given one paid week before every major examination.

All workers (including white-collar employees like bank tellers, etc.) were guaranteed free medical care and half of their vacation-trip expenses.

A mother-to-be received 3 paid months off prior to and after giving birth.

Workers recreation centers were constructed all over Argentina, including a vast resort in the lower Sierras that included 8 hotels, scores of cabins, movies, swimming pools and riding stables. This resort was available to workers for 15 days a year, at the cost of 15 cents per day, all services included.

By 1954 Per n had initiated more than 45 major hydroelectric projects designed to produce 2 billion kilowatt-hours of energy, 20 times the amount that was available in By 1947, Argentina had launched its own iron and steel industry. It was also moving forward in coal extraction and other raw materials using the most advanced technology available at the time. It began to make farm machinery, planes and cars in modest numbers. Ship-building had expanded by 500% under Per n's regime.

He paid off Argentina's foreign debt and launched a 5-year plan in 1946 that covered everything from the woman's right to vote to shipbuilding.

These accomplishments have resulted to a better Argentina. Cochran (1958) indicates that within the years of 1943 and 1953, Argentina had an increased industrial production of 40%. Peron had given the Argentines with a big leap in terms of labor wages and benefits. Aside from these, the laborers had gained dignity and strength within themselves (Cochran, 1958).

The successes that Peron gained in his first few years of his administration, as well as the economic boom of Argentina, soon fell down because of the lack of formal representations in the labor unions.

Also, the progressive changes that transformed in managing the labor conditions of the laborers were not sustained due to the unstable reforms that the Peron government had started. One instance that the article The Legacy of Juan Peron indicated was that the agricultural and industrial lands were not nationalized. In that, the amount of lands where the laborers can work declined from 22 million hectares in 1934-1938 into 17 million hectares in 1955 (The Legacy of Juan Peron). Prior to Peron's exile during his first term as Argentina's President, because of the economic instability and terror between the leftists and the rightists, people cried for "Peronism without Peron!" (Wikipedia).

Conclusion on Peron's Regime

In conclusion, the Juan Peron regime was both a success and a failure. It was a success because Peron achieved different reforms for the Argentine society. Such reforms, both in terms of social and economic developments, had been beneficial to the people and had provided an economic boom and triumph to Argentina. Moreover, the Peron regime can be considered as a success because the ideals of Peronism are still being patronized and applied in many of today's governments.

On the other hand, the Peron regime was a failure because Peron's ideals were not sustained. Even though Peron's government was able to provide the Argentines with many of his slogans, they still ended as a failure because of the unstable management, unstable leadership, and personal baggage of Peron that caused terrors in the nation. The many principles, policies, and visions of Peron only remained as slogans and promises until he died while in his second term as Argentina's President.

In his view of the failure and success of the Perone regime, Cochran (1958) has the following comment.

The Peron regime has to be viewed as a stage in the battle of Latin America for economic independence. It did not realize its proclaimed goals, nor could any regime that left the oligarchic social structure of the country undisturbed; but it could boast of some achievements. The next attempt will start from this higher ground.


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