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Both protagonists eventually come to emphasize the morality present in them as Oedipus goes in search of Laius' killer and as Tony does not assist his friend by verifying his story regarding the shoplifting incident.

Margaret has the same strength of character visible in Electra and one of the most interesting similarities between the two is the fact that they remain courageous in the face of trouble. It is not that they are not familiar with the fact that they are powerless in the face of others, but it is that they are unwilling to yield and keep on fighting even in conditions when all odds are against them. The moment when Margaret experiences her first period can be compared with the moment when Electra rescues her brother Orestes. Both girls are scared and know very little about what the future holds, but are unwilling to accept defeat and employ even more determination in trying to find solutions to their problem.

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Both Margaret and Electra get involved in projects that they believe are going to prove to others that they are capable of almost anything. Margaret decides to take on a school projects that is beyond her understanding, but that she feels is going to play an important role in having others and even herself feel that she is much stronger than she appears to be. Even with the fact that Electra is in a much more delicate situation when compared to Margaret, she also takes on an important mission when she is young. Electra risks her own life by helping her brother run away and does this in hope that he will one day return and get revenge for Agamemnon's death. Electra is well-aware of the mission's limited chances of success, but she is nonetheless resolute about her decision.

Essay on Judy Blume's Then, I Are Assignment

Tony is a confused individual and he appears to be very insecure, this happening in spite of the fact that he is confident in his own abilities. It is because of the environment that he lives in that he has problems adjusting, but this is somewhat typical for any adolescent. It is practically all a matter of self-control and how one finds this concept. Oedipus also has problems understanding the attitudes that he needs to take on when he is young and this is practically one of the factors influencing him to leave his home with the purpose of protecting his adoptive parents. These two individuals are mere products of the social order, considering that Tony is being provided with false values and that Oedipus's suffering results from his father's ill-treatment of Chrysippus.

Some might go as far as to relate to both Tony and Oedipus as being mentally deranged as a result of their behavior. However, their acting is actually natural when considering the experiences that they have been through and that they were not provided with the chance to understand society from a general perspective.

Electra and Margaret display great maturity for their age and it is actually impressive how they take important decisions without hesitating to think about the repercussions. In most situations they appear to evaluate the risks associated with the decisions that they take and eventually go through with their plans if they consider that it is important for them to do so. It is obvious that the girls deal with different situations and that one is in point of fact in grave danger while the other is simply insecure with regard to her personal identity. However, both put across similar behavior when dealing with their limited understanding of the world and they both manage to make the best out of situations that challenge their thinking.

Blume and Sophocles appear to have had a complex understanding of individuals in their contemporary societies and got actively involved in discussing in regard to human nature by speaking in regard to characters that struggle to find their personal identities as they come across a series of impediments.

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