Justification Thesis

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Research questions that address those purposes

What are considered the five most successful and five least successful multi-agency (federal, state, local government and civilian) disaster response collaborations where the lead agency was federal, particularly surrounding but not limited to cases of ground or drinking water contamination (including floods; toxic chemical spills; and the like) since 2005? By what criteria were the disaster mitigation responses evaluated and what similarities and differences do these evaluations reflect, that may be combined into a uniform disaster preparedness 'failure prevention' schema? 'Who or what to be studied' includes federal lead agencies in collaborative disaster response. 'Concepts and variables' will be performance evaluation criteria.

Rationale supporting this position

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Congress severely chastised FEMA and Texas HUD for their handling of Katrina / Rita from which many Americans still suffer. Katrina / Rita and many other incidents provide examples of multi-agency collaboration involving ground and drinking water. Drinking and groundwater provide significant incentive for terrorist attack on grounds of dispersal and psychological effects. Domestic terrorists continue to attack infrastructure and civilians. While many of these attacks are feeble and ill-organized, some of them succeed with catastrophic result. Nonetheless FEMA at least seems not to have responded with a unified evaluation process that could improve community disaster preparedness. Synthesizing the best and worst results from similar past events could improve response should an unprecedented attack take place via American domestic water resources.

Sample thesis statement

The U.S. EPA, FEMA and Department of Homeland security can improve domestic drinking water safety by preparing response and prevention plans that include procedures x, y and z. H-1-a: thus looks something like, "Policy y worked better than x here, so x should be rejected." This will require identification and testing of assumptions and parameters.


Thesis on Justification "It Is Only by Assignment

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United States Government Accountability Office (2009b). Recommendations for executive action status: Open. Disaster Assistance. Report to Congressional Requesters GAO-09-561. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Publishing Office. Retrieved from: http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-09-561 [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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