Justifying Research Methods and Design Research Paper

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The approaches in this mixed methods research are as follows: (a) The qualitative component of the proposed research will use a Delphi survey to obtain deep and broad information about the potential for cyberattacks occurrence; and (b) the quantitative component of the proposed research will employ systems dynamics computer modeling to create an interactive learning environment (ILE) to provide opportunities for decision making about cost-risk ratios and eventually for cost-benefit analysis, as the field approaches greater maturity. The model is based on the CERT MERIT (2011) program work and, as such, provides opportunity to develop a foundation for the identification, development, fine-tuning of technical controls inherent to the modeling and simulation research.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Justifying Research Methods and Design Assignment

The proposed research is intended to provide information about insider threats in cloud computing services and provide a resource for evaluating the cost-risk ration when making decisions about what mitigating strategies to adopts. The current literature points to future research on cloud-related insider threats that points to and provides solutions for the cloud computing services vulnerabilities. Specifically, future research is needed to detect and prevent insider threats in the cloud environment. The literature indicates that the earlier solutions and solutions to other problems are not applicable to the cloud environment. What is needed in research related to insider threats in the cloud environment is real solutions to real threats. The general consensus of experts on insider threat is that the risk can be mitigated but it is a complex problem. In order to prevent or reduce insider attacks, it is important to adopt a layered defense strategy that includes technical controls, procedures, and policies. The mixed methods approach suggested in the research proposal is based on best practices in cybersecurity research, and it necessarily entails close attention be paid to all the various organizational elements of an enterprise, including its organizational culture, technical environment, and the relevant procedures and policies. An effective research strategy for examining the risks and costs of insider threats in the cloud environment requires a greater reach that moves beyond information technology to the overall enterprise processes and to the interactions between the technologies that are used, the people who contribute, and the processes that are relied upon. A mixed methods approach based on best practices literature in cybersecurity can accomplish these objectives.


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