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[. . .] Gun usage can be attributed to the gang culture and peer pressure. Children are encouraged to bring guns and use them. This has resulted in a lot of shootings at schools. In some cases, no gangs or peer pressure was involved. A lot of lives have been lost due to the use of firearms at school. The attraction of gangs is for those children who don't feel accepted anywhere else. Being accepted somewhere is a big boost for them and makes them feel wanted. This actually gives them the idea that violence is glamorous and fun. They don't seem to care about the direction their life is taking or how it will end up.

Police officers are now encountering more and more "kids with no hope, no fear, no rules and no life expectancy." "Kids with no hope, No Fear, No Rules, and no life expectancy," Steve Macko, Emergency Net News Service, 1996"

Video Games

Video games are also to be blamed for juvenile delinquency. Video games are an escape from reality where a person can do anything he/she pleases. These video games have plenty of titles with mindless violence and gore. Video games have been pretty controversial as they have been blamed for an increase in violence. However despite a proper rating system for games, some juveniles do manage to gain access to them. Violent games are meant for mature audiences and not for sale to juveniles. Some of the gun shooting incidents at school has been blamed on video games such as "Doom 2" and "Quake."

In recent news parents of a sniper victim have sued the developer of the game "Grand theft Auto 3" for developing a game which encourages violence. The two young culprits admitted to copying the video game by implementing it in real life. (Tennessee Sniping Incident prompts Video Game Suit, Reuters, October 22, 2003)

Drug Use

Drug usage and substance abuse are one of the strongest factors contributing to juvenile violence. Juvenile delinquents get hooked to drugs or alcohol from an early age. These drugs are easily available to them at their hangout places. Drug usage among delinquents had taken a sharp decline in the earlier years but now the usage has increased drastically. Drug use affects the person as it ruins his/her perception. It enables the person to resort to things they haven't done before. Due to dependence on drugs a lot of juveniles commit crimes as they need a constant flow of cash to support their habit. This can propel into a very dangerous situation as it can lead to violent crimes such as murders or armed robbery.

How to address this problem

If the communities can work together with the cooperation of the respective and local authorities the issue of juvenile crimes can be settled once and for all. There are certain ways of addressing this problem.

Neighborhoods and communities should start getting involved to facilitate the well being of children. They should work together to make sure that the children are well taken care of. They can play an effective role in the future of these children. It's up to the community to provide a proper level of supervision for young people. It should be provided in all areas such as their homes, schools, and streets. If there is a proper level of supervision it can reduce the number of problems effectively. Supervision can let the child know that their activities are being monitored. This will help them develop awareness.

Communities should work together to teach children about the problems related with illegitimate and teenage pregnancies. In these cases, the mother has to raise the child by herself. A child raised by a single mother can face a lot of difficulties in school, trouble with the law as well as emotional and physical problems. If children are educated about this problem, it can reduce effectively.

The communities should make sure that opportunities are developed for youngsters so that they can be employed. They should also make sure that they get involved in proper recreational activities. If they are provided plenty of opportunities then it will make sure that they don't get involved with gangs or in criminal activities.

The community should make it their goal that youngsters obey and respect the laws of the land. The young generation should also have respect for their parents, elders and peers. It would be a big success on the part of the community if they achieve this goal. The lack of respect has been noted as a major cause of juvenile crime in the country. If this is eliminated, then the rate of crime goes down.

People of the community should make sure that juveniles are held responsible and accountable for their actions. If they are not held accountable then the whole justice system can collapse. It is important that this be implemented in the early years of the child's life as the child as it is the development phase of the child. The child's behavior patterns are shaped out during these years. Handling a child with firmness can lead to positive social behavior.

Young children should develop a sense of morality. They don't have an idea about the morality of a crime. If they are taught proper moral values at home and in their faith then this problem will likely reduce criminal activity.

Children should look forward to positive role models among their peers too. If there are some positive role models in their age group, then this can create positive peer influence for them. This will ensure that they won't look up to gangs and gang leaders for this purpose.

In order to facilitate single parent families, each child should have the influence of a positive adult role model in the community. This can help out those children who have absentee parents and fill the gap where a parent is a poor role model.

Children should be taught the necessary skills to counter the problems of the world. They should be taught how to be assertive, the art of decision making skills, planning skills, self-esteem, and good judgment as well as friendship making skills. Success in this field can help them take good care of themselves.

Children should be taught the importance of an education. They should get educated about the facts that life isn't so easy without an education. No one can get along in life without have a proper education. A lot of children drop out of school before they graduate. They should be encouraged not to follow this path. Adults should play their part in not tolerating truancy or absences from school. This sends out a proper message.

In order to understand the problems of children, we should understand that they go through extreme levels of stress in the fast paced society of today. The children need to have someone to help them get through their stress. Parents play a vital part here, as they should help their children cope with their stress. It mostly affects teenagers, as they can't cope with the stress of growing up. This is the time when teens have the tendency to go wrong. It's the parents right to lend their children vital support so that they don't succumb to peer pressure and do something wrong. Parents should support their children all the way so that everything goes along smoothly.

There are children who turn to their parents when a problem arises but still very low percentage of 15% said they had learnt about law and what was legally forbidden from their parents. Most said they had two major though reliable sources of information on this subject including school (46%) and television (28%). [12]

Parents should discipline their children at home. If they lead their life through a disciplined routine it can help them develop good personalities. Parents should be assisted in helping set proper standards for living. Help should be provided in setting boundaries for the behavior and discipline of children. They should also help in making sure that there is a proper level of discipline within schools. Discipline is the key to a balanced life. If it's enforced properly in all areas, then it can set the key to a proper future. In order to make the rules effective, parents should impose a curfew on their children if they are found to be violating their rules.

Parents should enforce their rights over their children's television viewing. Their television viewing should be monitored and they should be only allowed access to healthy programming without violence. They should not allow their children to watch programs which do not fall into the "suitable" rating. If their television viewing habits are curbed at an early age, it can lead to a positive and better future. It's also the parents' responsibility to make sure that their children don't get access to video games with mature content.

Children should be educated about the ills of alcohol and drugs in society. If they gain… [END OF PREVIEW]

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