Juvenile Risk Assessment Assessment

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Juvenile Justice

A comparison of the results obtained for each individual from the two different assessments.

Colleen M.: Washington State Juvenile Court Assessment

Criminal and Social History

Colleen M's criminal history began soon before her recent arrest. The individual is 15 years of age. Her criminal history, however, is relatively severe. The first charge on which Colleen was charged was involuntary manslaughter. Colleen doused her neighbor with a tub of pesticides, which severely burned the neighbor's skin and subsequently caused an allergic reaction that led to the death of the neighbor. The death was ruled an involuntary manslaughter and Colleen was adjudicated as a delinquent. Colleen continues to claim self-defense, as the neighbor had set fire to a scarecrow on her family house lawn.

However, a few weeks prior, Colleen was involved in another death that was ruled an accidental homicide. She was just a passenger in a motor home that caused the death of the driver. Immediately after the accident occurred, Colleen put on the dead driver's shoes. She claims an observer told her to do so. Although this act is not deemed a crime, the behavior warrants attention.

Colleen has also tested positive for opiates but denies having a drug problem.

According to the Washington State Juvenile Court Assessment, Colleen M's criminal history yields only a moderate score of 6 in spite of the severity of her crimes. Because there is insufficient information about Colleen's school history, there is no way of knowing how to score on school-related assessment indicators.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Assessment on Juvenile Risk Assessment Assignment

The Washington State Juvenile Court Pre-Assessment also takes into account the individual's relationship with family and community. Although little information is offered about Colleen's relationships, it is apparent the individual has experienced neglect if not outright abuse. The individual has no known pro-social ties, and there is no indication that she has any friends. The individual socializes with people she is not close with including random homeless people. Colleen M's social history is even more problematic than her criminal history. Criminal history score is a 7 and social history risk score is a 17.

Level of Risk

Colleen's level of risk, computed as a combination of criminal and social history factors, is 9. She demonstrates a high risk factor because she has been arrested for violent crimes and because she demonstrates no pro-social ties. She has also indicated willingness to lie. The level of risk as a measure of criminal and social history is high.

Missouri Juvenile Court Assessment

Colleen M. has a risk score of 8, which is high. The evaluation takes into account the subject's peer relationships, history of abuse and neglect, substance abuse, and parental management style. The Missouri Juvenile Court Assessment takes into account similar factors as the Washington State Juvenile Pre-Assessment and the overall risk factor for this individual is moderate only because of a lack of information.

Xander L.: Washington State Juvenile Court Assessment

Xander L. received his first juvenile adjudication at age 13. His most recent arrest is for possession of a concealed weapon, and the defendant has plead guilty. Prior juvenile adjudications include purse-snatching, breaking and entering, and drug possession. Xander L. is currently 17 years old and is a documented member of a local gang. Based on criminal history including weapon referrals, Xander L's criminal risk factor is high.

Xander's social risk factor is only moderate. The individual is close with his mother, who cares enough to be honest about her son's behavior and has on at least one occasion cooperated with law enforcement. Xander also indicates desire to receive his G.E.D. And turn his life around. In fact, one of the reasons why Xander wants… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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