K-12 Interview Principal Interview and Analysis Self-Perception Essay

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K-12 Interview

Principal Interview and Analysis

Self-Perception as a Leader

Ruth Pohlman, the principal of Rush Strong Elementary in Jefferson County, Tennessee, brings several decades of experience as an educator and an administrator with her every day to her job at the kindergarten through eighth-grade institution. Her background as a former teacher as well as her training and experience as a school administrator both contribute to the way in which she perceives and performs her duties as an instructional leader as well as a school administrator; her decisions are made with the welfare and education of the students at the school as her primary concern (Pohlman 2010). Ms. Pohlman does not simply keep these factors in mind in the day-to-day decisions that she makes during the performance of her job, but the principal also incorporates them into her grand view of her primary role as Rush Strong Elementary's instructional leader.

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In carrying out this role of instructional leadership, which Pohlman cites as the primary responsibility of school administrators in general, the Rush Strong Elementary principal believes that she must incorporate the views and ideas of the school's teachers in all curriculum- and instruction-related decisions (Pohlman). She views her job as principal as primarily that of a guide and steward of the educational needs of the students and goals of the instructors, rather than a manager and director of the teachers as employees and their individual curricula as integrated projects. Integration of the various instructional goals and needs is, of course, an essential part of the principal's task, but instead of personally designing and dictating this integration, Pohlman attempts to craft it through comprehensive contributions (Pohlman 2010).

Instructional Leadership and Student Achievement

Essay on K-12 Interview Principal Interview and Analysis Self-Perception Assignment

Two instructional leadership actions that Ms. Pohlman has practiced that have been demonstrated to explicitly and directly influence the quality of instruction, as measured by increases in student achievement, are assisting in the establishment and reinforcement of social norms and the provision of "extensive teacher input" in developing curriculum and making major instructional and educational policy decisions (Seyfarth 1995, pp. 14-5). The establishment of norms comes from Ms. Pohlman's regular presence in front of students, in classrooms and in broader functions involving entire grade groups and at times the entire collected student body, in roles that affirm the school's behavioral codes and good citizenship goals. Regular meetings with staff and an operating open-door policy helps to ensure the continued regular input of the school's instructors (Pohlman 2010).

By helping to establish the normative social expectations at the school, Pohlman hopes to make the learning environment free of distractions and stressors inasmuch as is possible. The establishment of clear norms and behaviors through repeated affirmations and emulations of these behaviors makes the non-instructional expectations of the school environment clear, enabling students and instructors to focus more on the work that takes place in the classroom (Pohlman 2010). The integration of teacher input on school-wide policies and curriculum decisions is meant to both better motivate teachers and to ensure that the material being taught and the manner of instruction is suited… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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