Kaho Olawe Hawaii Destination Development Essay

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Sustain and develop the island

Limit impact on the environment (Sustainability)

Development does not need to conflict with the goals of environmentalism. Hawaii has a long history of suitable environmental custodianship, which can and should be extended to developments on Kaho'olawe. In fact, sustainable tourism programs were in place on Hawaii before the term "sustainable tourism" was popularized, over twenty years ago ("Sustainability"). Hawaii's tradition of sustainability stems deep into history, as "our culture has a historic reverence for sustainability as the lessons of our elders (Kupuna) continue to enrich our lives and protect and perpetuate our traditions and environment," ("Sustainability").

Currently, there are no formal systems in place whereby development on Kaho'olawe will remain measurably sustainable. It is therefore important to have distinct and specific measures for environmental sustainability as follows. The key to creating a sustainable development and land use program is to recognize that "important resources, infrastructure and social factors are impacted by tourism growth before limits are reached," (Lim, 2006). In other words, it is critical to continually monitor and measure the impacts of growth.

Core strategies for sustainable development in Kaho'olawe include the following:

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1. Ample walking and hiking trails to promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable encounters with nature

2. Recycling programs that are robust and comprehensive, accessible to all residents and visitors

3. Public awareness and public service announcements including billboards to create an environmentally conscious community committed to sustainable lifestyles

Essay on Kaho Olawe Hawaii Destination Development Assignment

4. Strong promotion of cycling and other non-motorized forms of transportation. This will include bicycle share and rental programs. Cycling paths will also be crucial for promoting cycling and reducing the use of motor vehicles.

Objective 2: Develop Agriculture

The development of a nearly self-sufficient agriculture program will improve future prospects for Kaho'olawe's sustainable development as a whole. Sustainable, and especially self-sufficient, agriculture is a challenging if not daunting prospect on a volcanic island like Kaho'olawe. The sustainable agriculture vision for Kaho'olawe must be also predicated on a sustainable water use plan. Kaho'olawe's water use development should be envisioned with the help of the Agricultural Water Use and Development Plan (AWUDP), which is "a long-range management plan that assesses state and private agricultural water use, supply and irrigation water systems," (Commission on Water Resource Management, 1997). In addition to complying with AWUDP standards, policies, and procedures, the following strategies are recommended for promoting sustainable agriculture on the island of Kaho'olawe.

Strategy 1: Xeriscape

Xeriscape "refers to the conservation of water through creative landscaping," and is especially useful in arid areas such as Kaho'olawe ("Xeriscape," 2012). Although xeriscaping is generally a decorative landscaping technique, its principles can easily be applied to a general strategy of agricultural development. The land use policies of Kaho'olawe may be governed by careful ascription to the principles and practices of xeriscaping, which reduces reliance on pollutants, reduces water resource needs, and reduces destruction to local flora and fauna ("Xeriscape," 2012). Xeriscaping can be used for the development of public green spaces, ranging from parks and recreational zones to highway and road buffers.

Strategy 2: grow own vegetation and fruits (self-sufficiency)

It is unfeasible for the island of Kaho'olawe to become completely self-sufficient but it can be an integral part of Hawaii's push toward self-sufficient food and food security. An initial assessment will reveal the most feasible means of developing agricultural land on Kaho'olawe, which crops be grown in a sustainable manner, and which may also be grown on a for-profit basis. Creating local food diversity will help the community become more prosperous and self-reliant.

Goal 3: Expand our resort

Expanding our resort within the framework of sustainable tourism will enable us to attract and target a broader market. Until now, we have focused on families and schools. We will maintain our interest in this market and continue to attract families and school children. The resort… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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