Kai Hung Fung Artwork Instrument Essay

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Limitations of Using Human Body over Alternative Mediums

It is not an easy job to use human body as an interactive instrument in ads as it sometimes might not explains the idea behind the ads. The human body might mislead from the actual ideas as people get distracted by the human body and not paying attention to the actual theme behind the ads that is why it is very difficult to use the human body as a communication instrument. However Fung has used human body in such a way that the onlooker is not led to a misguided direction and the basic theme of the art remains vividly perceptible to him.

Fung's use of human body as an interactive instrument works most of the times but not necessarily always. When it comes to people, their lives, emotions, dreams and desires; it is easy and best to use human body. However when it comes to objects other than living, use of human body is limited as human body cannot use as an object for the ads. The models are full of emotions, feelings and desires so it is not possible to relate them with objects as the objects do not have feelings and emotions (Beck 1987). In his artwork, Fung has never deviated from the use of human body.

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One school of thought is against the idea that humans are the best interactive instruments used for relating to the audience. The reason behind is that the particular group of people believe that sometimes people are least interested about other people's feelings. However when emotions, feelings, care and sharing are shown to them in other creatures like animals; it makes them feel for their own species. So yes, human body as an interactive instrument has some limitations.


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TOPIC: Essay on Kai Hung Fung Artwork Instrument Assignment

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