Kaiser Permanente - Marketing Forces Case Study

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[. . .] Consequently, while exact numbers cannot be tied to Kaiser's marketing techniques, Kaiser is certainly impressive and enjoys considerable customer loyalty.

Relationship of Marketing Plan to Level of Performance Regarding Quality of Care and Financial Viability

The relationship between Kaiser's marketing plan and its level of performance regarding quality of care is clear, particularly since its Kaiser ties many of its marketing activities to activities focused on improving quality of care and since its News Center regularly issues press releases regarding every achievement, including but not limited to its quality of care. The relationship between the marketing plan and its financial viability is more difficult to discern, as Kaiser was and is huge, with enormous financial resources; however, its #1 ranking in customer loyalty would certainly mean that it continues to enjoy financial viability through continued member premiums. Certainly, Kaiser Permanente's marketing activities also hone its quality of care in the community and garner attention/accolades that logically contribute to an organization's financial viability.


Kaiser Permanente has the considerable geographical expanse, huge membership, a large employee force and financial wherewithal to mount an aggressive and widespread marketing plan. Marketing both nationally and regionally, Kaiser has: distinguished itself from other health care providers; embraced diversity in both its membership and employment force; established a national learning center in Washington, D.C.; started and maintained programs targeting obesity, walking for health and environmental concerns; offered free services in many communities; awarded grants and scholarships; and widely publicized all those activities through its News Center. Many of Kaiser's marketing activities are naturally connected with improving quality of care and financial viability. While it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of Kaiser's marketing plan in membership numbers or dollars and cents, its activities have certainly gained widespread recognition and awards for excellence, as well as considerable customer loyalty.

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