Term Paper: Karl Marx, the Founder

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[. . .] In addition to his studies Marx is busy with the workers' movement as well as one of the founders of the International Working Men's Association, which has been the center of attention recently and has already shown in more than one place in Europe that it is a force to be considered with. Thus, to believe that as far as the workers' movement is concerned, epoch-making organization the German element goes specifically and just to Marx that still holds the influential position which is its due (Karl Marx, German social Philosopher and Revolutionary).

Marx Theories Contribution in Sociology

The term communism came into use in the 1840s to indicate loosely militant leftist form of sociology that was linked with the writings of etienne Cabet and his theories of common ownership. However, later, Karl Marx used it to describe the movement that supported class struggle and revolution to establish a society of cooperation (Engels, 1868).

Moreover, in 1848, Marx and Engels wrote the famous Communist Manifesto, in which they set forth the principles of sociology and also argued the historical certainty of revolutionary conflict between capital and labor. Marx in all of his works attacked the socialists as theoretical utopian dreamers who ignored the need of revolutionary struggle to apply their doctrines (Socialism: Marxists and Gradualists).

Thus, in the environment of disappointment and bitterness that more and more passed through European socialism, Marxism became the theoretical basis for most socialist thought. However, the breakdown of the revolutions of 1848 caused a decline in socialist action in the following two decades (Engels, 1868).

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