Keeping Native American Language Alive Term Paper

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The Aztec-Tanoan language includes tribes in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California and Utah (Columbia Encyclopedia).


In 1990, Congress passed the "Native American Languages Act (saving a culture, 2002)" and brought to the forefront the importance of saving the indigenous languages of the United States. This act "mandates that the government preserve and promote the right of Indians to use and develop their indigenous languages (saving a culture, 2002)." In 1992, there was additional legislation that provided annual grants for language recovery programs and these grants are still in place today (saving in culture, 2002).

This legislation was a big change from the government's normally hostile attitude concerning the language and customs of the Indians.


There are some Native American languages that have either already disappeared or are on the brink of vanishing. Native American groups and colleges throughout the country have implemented several programs in attempts to preserve the remaining languages. Though the United States government originally tried to eliminate the Indian language, it is now working to revitalize this part of American culture.

The Native American language not only offers an insight into the Indian culture, but contains valuable information about plants that can help scientist and the medical community, making it imperative to preserve the few remaining languages.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Keeping Native American Language Alive: Assignment

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