Kennedy Assassination the Entire Essay

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There is simply no point to conducting a series of autopsy photographs if there is no identifiable entry and exit point for the fatal wounds -- yet this was done in the case of Kennedy's autopsy. Similarly, the dearth of internal organs being visible in the pictures, and the lack of scale to determine the size of the wounds simply reeks of a cover-up. All of these points are definitely cause for alarm that the autopsy photos were egregiously mishandled.

Additionally, it is highly curious that of the bullet fragments examined 14 years after the president's murder, there were only two found that "differed slightly in their composition" (cite). What exactly does that mean, and how common is it for bullets fired in the same gun to be made up of different composition? Furthermore, if the bullets did have different compositions, how can "experts" (cite) be so certain that the came from the same gun?

As the textbook states, the evidence in determining whether or not there was more than one marksman is inconclusive at best. Therefore, when attempting to determine whether or not he had help in assassinating the president, it is difficult to say. However, it certainly seems that there was help given in maligning the investigation of the murder and the autopsy. If that sort of help was given in order to confuse the people about what events took place to lead to the murder of Kennedy then yes, it appears as though Oswald certainly had help indeed.

Similarly, it appears as though the most important perspective of the crime scense from this assassination would be that of the bullets that entered the president's back, since those are no longer traceable.

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Essay on Kennedy Assassination the Entire Kennedy Assignment

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