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[. . .] Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) treatment works, but in Kenya underdoses have been common due to a desire to stockpile, squirrel, or cut costs. Less than half of participants in a study on compliance with ACT-administration guidelines reported proper doses that would be effective ("Kenya: Malaria Drug Effectiveness Hit by Under-Dosage," n.d.). The under-doses are actually creating terrible waste of what has been proven as an effective treatment for the disease. Malaria remains highly prevalent in Kenya.

Daily Nation is a good pan-African news source that has a wealth of articles related to Kenya. News related to Kenyan domestic politics, foreign affairs, humanitarian and social justice issues, and the economy are covered. A recent story chronicles the ongoing problem of human trafficking. While not isolated to Kenya, the problem of human trafficking is endemic. One article reveals a disturbing phenomenon: officials working at local embassies are placing fake job placement advertisements. Young graduates see an advertisement for a high-paying position in the Middle East. The jobs claim to be in a variety of fields but in reality, they are for domestic slavery positions and target women in particular.

The international news media is not without reference to Kenya, especially because of the recent oil discovery. Ironically, one story tells about the Kenyan shilling dropping on the currency exchange markets in spite of the recent oil discovery. Financial news notes other Kenyan commodities too such as black tea; Kenya is the world's biggest exporter of black tea. Other stories are about diplomatic ties improving between Kenya and Great Britain, which is in jeopardy over conflicting approaches to the Somalian crises.


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