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¶ … Kershaw, T. et al. (2011). The Skinny on Sexual Risk: The Effects of BMI on STI Incidence. AIDS and Behavior, 15. 7 Oct 2011; 1527-38.

My research topic deals with a unique segment of the population and how that population is dealing with a specific behavior that is heath threatening. Specifically, my research question asks what are the impacts of a relationship with a child's father and how these relationships affect teenage single mothers and their occurrence of sexual transmitted diseases.

Kershaw et al. (2011) suggested that there was a relationship between body mass index (BMI), obesity and sexually risky behaviors. The purpose of their study was "to determine whether BMI among 704 young mothers (ages 14 -- 25) related to STI incidence and sexual risk. We examined the effect of BMI groups (normal weight, overweight, and obese) at 6 months postpartum on STI incidence and risky sex (e.g., unprotected sex, multiple partners, risky and casual partner) at 12 months post-partum, (p.1527).

Null Hypotheses

Risky sexual behavior and BMI have no correlation in young mothers.

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TOPIC: Essay on Kershaw, T. Et Al. (2011). The Skinny Assignment

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