Key Concepts of Digital Marketing Essay

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This is a new product, and consumers will pay almost half the price they would pay for a new phone model in the market.

Social Media Tactic Plan

The concept that became a commercial business product began with a single video. The video circulated throughout the world, and within a short time, there were both negative and positive reviews on the same (Phonebloks). However, the positive reviews outweighed the negative reviews, and this gave us the moral to develop the product further. In so doing, the company realized that social media is an important marketing tool for business. During the time, the company used Face book, Twitter and YouTube, and we received large results. Therefore, the company will continue using social media to interact with the consumers and share ideas, including recommendations to ensure the product is successful in the market.

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The social media will help the company in increasing engagement with the consumers, increase recognition of the product, and promote the use of the product throughout the world. Currently, the business has partnered with several bloggers across the continents on a monthly basis. The bloggers will provide tools to promote the company's agenda, but most importantly, the bloggers will provide information about the current product, and consumers can provide their views on the same. The business will also engage in photo sharing with the consumers, and this will help in providing the images of the products. For example, the consumers can look at the images and learn how to assemble and re-assemble the phone to fit their preferences (Kyle and Deis 87).

The Digital Phone Supply Chain

Essay on Key Concepts of Digital Marketing Assignment

The Digital Phone is a new product and focusing on the supply chain is a strategy to make sure that the company can overcome challenges that might emerge. The challenges are those of competition and short product life cycles, which can greatly influence the success of the product in the market. Alternatively, our experts have made it clear that supply chain design will provide an efficient and effective supply chain for the firm's operations environment. The firm's product uses a collective term "Digital Phone" for valid reasons. The product's design uses an approach that allows consumers to customize the phone into what they prefer (Graves and Willems).

This is in relation to the functionalities of the phone, where a consumer can change one functionality or several of them and put their own. The product comprises major assemblies, in that; consumers can re-assemble the phone to suit their needs, and desires. In fact, this aspect makes it unique out there in the market. Once the consumer has removed or added a given preferred functionality on the phone, the phone takes less than 30 seconds to integrate with the other components of the phone, such as the operating system. This is because, the business has partnered with several giant smart phone companies, whose parts can integrate with the Digital Phone without requiring drivers or other applications to function (Graves and Willems).

The assembling process of the phone is very simple because it only requires the fixing of preferred blocks of functionalities from the smart phone provider of choice into the final phone. Later on, the consumer can restart the Digital Phone, and this serves as a test to make sure that the phone is now working, similar to earlier when it did not have the new block of functionality. After doing this, the consumer can now access all the features of the phone, and in case of an ordered phone from foreign countries, the product becomes ready for export or shipping to the consumer's location (Graves and Willems).

E-Marketing Strategy

Notably, the technological field is dynamic, and companies remain in operation as long as they can provide consumers with quality products, which utilize the latest technologies. This also implies that such companies should always use the latest strategies of marketing their products. Failure of obeying such rules can result to the possible decline of the firm, and subsequent losses. Therefore, the company stands advised, and uses electronic business strategies, mainly because it is the latest approach in the market today (Fruhling and Digman 13-14).

The use of e-business strategies has helped many organizations to be in line with the customer's expectations because of the interactive platform provided by the internet for customers to air their views including their recommendations. Currently, the company is working on upgrading the existing website to ensure that it will allow the consumers to interact with the staff, and even allow them to conduct business online. This implies that the company must make sure that the website is completely secure to avoid the many cases of fraud on the internet. Overall, the firm has opted to use the e-business approach because empirical evidence shows that the approach has resulted to profits for many organizations (Fruhling and Digman 13-14).


One of the things the company recognizes is the importance of communication within the organization. In this regard, the company will have its own workplace communication protocol and communication channel. This will allow the employees, regardless of their level or expertise to share their views about the company's activities. Actually, this, for now, will only be limited to the Digital Phone, mainly because it is a new product. The communication channel in the firm will not be central to employees alone, but also the partners of the organizations. This will include the retailers, distributors, and suppliers. This communication channel will utilize the internet because some of the business partners will be located in different geographic areas, but it will also contribute to the development of strong relationships (Fruhling and Digman 14).

Business to Business

As stated, the company will partner with a variety of suppliers, distributors and other businesses across the globe. Some organizations use the internet when sending funds to pay for services or products, integrated messaging, exchanging of electronic data and share the firms database with others. Actually, it is also a way of supporting the involved business partners, and retailers can use this platform to order for the products online (Fruhling and Digman 16).


This is the most significant aspect, which has made the company want to invest in e-business. This is because consumers are special assets; this is to, however, to say that the suppliers, and other business partners are insignificantly important, but consumers will make the ultimate decision on whether the company's product is going to do well in the market. The company is developing an upgraded website, which will allow the consumers to engage with the company for business purposes. Through the website, the consumers will be in a position to search for the product's availability in their countries, obtain the appropriate pricing for the product, order for the product regardless of their location, review the total costs included in shipping and track the status of the product until its delivery.

In this context, the website, will be user-friendly, allow for a variety of functionalities, and be easy to use. The company also aims at engaging with the society in various activities in the world, some of which endanger the life of human beings such as global warming. Therefore, the company will use the internet to establish an eco-green page. The internet page will represent all the activities carried out by the company to promote environmental performance, and the firm will post pictures from all the activities for consumers to view. In addition, the company will also collect email addresses from consumers and users who visit the website. Through the emails, the company will send periodic emails with relevant information, including special offers to the potential consumers (Fruhling and Digman 18).


The company managed to use a business concept to create a commercial product. In so doing, the company will utilize several strategies to ensure that the product reaches a large audience across the world. The firm, for example, will continue using the social media, mainly because the product began with a simple video, and it managed to realize over 400,000 views on You Tube alone. On the other hand, the company values the e-business approach, both within the organization and outside the organization. One of the most significant approaches is the provision of user-friendly and easy to use website, where consumers can order for the product, and pay for the product online.

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