Keystone Species in Mid-1800's, Telegraphy Essay

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The relation between two individuals or organizations in any way whether professional or personal is all because of sustainment of information ecologies. Any sort of medium that is essential for the populace living today, and that is what makes it keystone ecologies.

This study sees social network tummlers as a kind of contemporary keystone species, updating Nardi and O'Day's figuration of individuals that help shape and diversify information ecologies.

The more diverse are the keystone ecologies the more will there be the chances that in case of extinction of one of the keystone ecology specie might replace it with keystone ecology.


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TOPIC: Essay on Keystone Species in Mid-1800's, Telegraphy Assignment

Nardi, B.A. And V.L. O'Day (2004) Information Ecologies. Chapter 4 in Information Ecologies: Using…
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