Killed Jesus? (Outline) Term Paper

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They believed that He was blasphemous and had the power of the devil in Him. They alleged that it was through the devil that Jesus had gotten His power to perform the miracles He did. The miracles that they particularly referred to were the ones in which Jesus brought people back to life. In addition to this, Christ had also broken the Jewish law. An example of this is when he was accused of doing work on a Sabbath.

Why were they against Him? What did these people accuse Jesus of?

More severe than Jesus being accused of the relatively smaller crimes such as disobeying the Sabbath Law is the allegation of Him breaking the First Commandment that was given to them (the Jews) by Moses. Since Christ had claimed that He was God Himself, and He had expressed this at several points in the Gospel, it was the severest crime He allegedly committed. From their perspective (Jewish perspective) Christ had broken the law because he was an ordinary man, and they (the Jews) did not accept Him as the Son of God. However, in the gospels, Jesus demonstrates particular characters of divinity. There were certain things that he could do that only God can. One of these was the authority to forgive sins (Mark 2:5-12; Luke 7:47-50). This was something that the Pharisees strictly opposed, as they believed that only God could do this. Also, Jesus placed His own words at equal power with God's, which is seen in Matt 5:27; 31. This is the reason why they said He was blaspheming.

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What was the penalty for the crime that Jesus allegedly committed?

Term Paper on Killed Jesus? (Outline) Who Was Assignment

Since Jesus was accused of blasphemy, it was obvious that the next step would be a trial and a subsequent punishment. Jesus had not tried to defend Himself, but he had tried to rephrase what ever He said to the people. This rephrasing had agitated the Jews even further and they simply wanted to go ahead with getting rid of Him. An example of Jesus' answers at the trial is demonstrated in Mt. 27: 11, when He is questioned about His teaching and portraying Himself as a king. Jesus simply answers, "You have said so."

4. How was Jesus brought to trial?

It is basically the Jewish people to blame that Jesus was brought before the law. In those days, the Roman Empire had control of Judah, and so, it was before Pontius Pilate that Jesus' case was presented. However, it is not Pilate who pursued the case, as he was aware of the miracles that Jesus had performed.

Who were the people responsible for Jesus' case reaching trial?

There were other high priests and Doctors of the law, such as high priest 'Ciaphas', who carried out the proceedings through the incitement of the people. It must be emphasized that it is the 'people' who demanded Jesus to be punished.

Who Judged Him? Who executed Him?

It is quite apparent in accordance with the bible that no court was to blame for the death of Christ. It is clear enough that the doctors of the law and the people wanted Him dead, and they demanded it. So, at the word of the people, Jesus had to be released into public custody, and it is they (the Jewish people) who dragged Him off for His punishments, consisting of scourging and eventual crucifixion.

Conclusion: Who Really Killed Jesus?

Though it might reasonably be asserted that it was the Jewish people, who are to blame, one cannot reasonably blame the action of the people in those times on the descendents of today. A more positive perspective on 'who really killed Jesus?' compels one to believe that Christ's death occurred because of all humanity; all whom He had died for. Yes, this includes the Christians as well, and not just the Jews. Jesus came to die for the sins of mankind, and hence, if man was not sinful there would not have been any need for Him to die for all humanity. However, ultimately, it may be asserted that Christ had gotten Himself killed, and this is because He Himself made sure that the prophecies of the scriptures would be fulfilled. At the same time, it must also be realized that Christ did whatever He had to in accordance with the prophecies in the scriptures because he loved everyone and wanted to give everyone a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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