Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants Hong Term Paper

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In the light of above analysis and discussion, it can be recommended that Kimpton Hotels should first analyze the external environment of the target market and then look at its own competencies and strengths which it can use to avail the attractive opportunities from this market and encounter the potential threats, unfavorable industry patterns, and competitive pressures which can negatively affect its business operations. It should transform its boutique hospitality concept from American style to Hong Kong style in order to attract and satisfy the local customers. It should not only provide hospitality services, but should also invest in related businesses to extend its service line and strengthen its position in the industry. It should give major focus on the quality of its customer services and strive to build a strong brand image which is purely based on the principle of providing the 'value' to the customers' money instead of earning attractive revenues for its business (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2012).


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Hong Assignment

Mu-hlbacher, H., Dahringer, L., & Leihs, H. (2006). International Marketing: a…
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