Kindergarten Classroom Management Essay

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In fact, the role of teacher organization and communication of behavioral expectations cannot be minimized. In the classroom in which teachers show higher levels of instructional support, students have more task-focused behavior, which in turn contributes proactively to their performance in mathematics and their readiness for higher grades and more complex math concepts (Pakarinen, Kiuru, Lerkkanen, Ahonen, & Nurmi, 2011).

Similarly, when behavior management is coupled with literacy instruction, there is a clear relationship between appropriate levels of behavior and the mastery of basic skills like letters and sounds, meaning-focused retelling of stories, elementary prediction, and cognitive memory. Children are far more likely to become off task, remain off task, and exhibit behavioral issues when there is a lessening of teacher managed classroom and organizational skills. In fact, children who spent more time off-task during either context had lower scores in both math and literacy. This continues to emphasize that it is never too early to engender skills that contribute to appropriate study and learning skills, focus time, quiet time, and respect for others and their own learning habits (Ponitz & Rimm-Kaufman, 2011).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Modern classrooms hopefully focus more on moving up the hierarchy of learning, moving beyond the rote, and asking students the major questions: What, Why and So What? This is the training that will result in an educated populus, the ability to quickly assimilate large amounts of information, take that information and critically analyze it, and then synthesize a set of new results from that information. Working with students, even younger students, in this way has a positive and proactive effect on their ability to pay attention, stay on task, and actually improve testing and mastery scores even before first grade. In each study, regardless of the size of the sample, the statistical correlation between teacher organization and classroom management and student performance and positive behavior was quite high. The implications are quite robust from these studies. Gone are the days when Kindergarten was used as a way to socialize young students and transition them from the home environment to the school environment. There is simply too much to learn, too many expectations, and far too little time for the first grade class to be labored in spending needed academic time with behavioral issues. Some may see this as an end to childhood, others will realize that in the 21st century global world, students must learn far more, much faster, than ever before. Clearly, rather than looking at the Kindergarten teacher as the personality type who can only nurture children, we must also realize that a stronger and more organized personality within that environment will benefit the student in the long run.

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