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In The Kingdom of Matthias, the honorable historians Paul Johnson and Sean Wilentz intensely explain the long forgotten story, to write their extensively researched work with the breathtaking drive in the form of a novel. In this book, the authors provide us with a the mysterious tale of Matthias- the Prophet through the window of the turbulent movements of the religious revival known as the Second Great Awakening, a movement which led to the formation of several sects of religion and also swayed away a great number of evangelical Americans paving the path to new sects like the Mormons.

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This environment was created by the carpenter named Robert Matthews, who changed his name to Matthias, as he self-proclaimed to be the prophet of the God of the Jews. He used his hypnotic spell to cast his ways on many of his unforgettable followers. Some of his followers who came to him for his magical and mystifying ways were by the of name of Elijah Pierson, a meekly businessman by profession, came to Matthias to bring back his wife from the dead; then there the young attractive Christian couple, Benjamin Folger and his wife Ann, his wife was also known for seducing the woman-hating Prophet; and then the shrewd ex-slave Isabella Van Wagenen, known by some as "the most wicked of the wicked." Althoughhis followers were quite colorful in their own ways, he was none the less more colorful, the Prophet was a bearded, tyrant who held gathering for his followers in a house, using the money from the followers to buy an elaborate, unconventional wardrobe, and even playing havoc with their marital relations. His acts grew into national tension within the kingdom and led to the clash with the law leading to his arrest and trails. By this time, Matthias had become a national scandal.

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It is through the writings of the historians, Johnson and Wilentz, that the odd tale of the Prophet and his kingdom makes the characters become larger than life, by re-telling scenes from their own personal experiences at Jonestown and Waco. Using these experiences they share with the reader the period in American history by showing the changes made by the fast changing economic revolution, also in sex and race relations, politics, popular culture, and other colorful American religious experiences.

In this in-depth research, Paul Johnson takes the opportunity to explain and use a small and unknown event to depict an interesting event from an interesting perspective on the city of New York. There are several incidents used to signify the issues of sexual corruption to radical doctrinal innovations. The Burned-Over district in the city of New York, served as the platform for the many religious movements such as Mormonism, Adventism, Christian Scientists, however there are numerous smaller religions and even noteworthy political movements such as Antimasonry that did not leave their mark on American soil to exist till today.

This book is also based on the story of one of those movements. The story begins by introducing Matthias to Kirtland as he goes to visit the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith. Although, his visit took place close to the end of the book, or better put close to the end of Matthias's activity of fooling his followers, his ideas were obviously cheated from many of the ideas of Joseph Smith. Even the practice of the washing of feet common to both the followers of Joseph Smith and Ellen White was also used by Matthias for his followers. He believed that the truth of the Gospel had come to the earth following the demise of Christ for another Mormon belief. Another feature common to Smith was the possession of a sword which he claimed was ancient similar to Smith's sword of Laban, as well as naming the Priesthood after the order of Melchezidek. His mentor Mordecai Noah, taught him that the Indians belonged to a branch of the Israelites, as found in the Book of Mormon. These ideas were known before 1830 when Matthias began his practice in the name of religion.

The book doesn't only contain horrid tales about his activities but also contains humorous parts of this periods history is the moments that connect to Matthias' enemies trying to shave off his beard. Johnson did a marvelous job at condensing the most relevant information in this short book. The Kingdom of Matthias is a humorous book and serves as an interesting read for those… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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