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[. . .] As devotion to God was his strength he was successful, and ruled Israel with an iron fist. However, being a human being he was also weak. David was an adulterer, and perhaps knew that he was doing something wrong, but in spite of his weaknesses he didn't forget God. This is in contrast to what Saul did. Saul was a great ruler too and didn't have weakness like David's. However, he gained far too much pride and this was his downfall (Aust, 1998).

After King David, Solomon Led Israel as king, he was similar to his father. Like king David God's favor rested upon him. He was a child of promise and prayed for God's strength to help him rule the people of Israel. Here again like king David his strength was faith in the lord, as at times of battle and trials he prayed to God for strength (Aust, 1998).

Similar to David, Solomon made a rash judgment involving a woman. However, his actions were far worse than David's. This is because he married the daughter of an Egyptian ruler, which was obviously against the will of God. This was because of the fact that he put the rest of Israel't risk of being taken over.


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