Research Proposal: How About a Kiss Exercise

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¶ … KISS?

Jennifer was very confused about John's reaction. Wasn't it he who suggested that they should consider seeing other people? Wasn't it he who said things were moving too fast? Now, he seemed genuinely hurt, even angry, that she made plans to go out with someone else; and it was just a casual drink. The fact that John was obviously pretending that he was annoyed about something else instead only further complicated things. She wondered why men are so afraid to acknowledge their feelings.

It wasn't like they'd made definite plans for Saturday anyway. Wasn't he a big Seinfeld fan? Isn't an "implied" date for every Saturday night (along with any feminine hygiene products or clothes left at his place) one of the hallmarks of the serious relationship that he'd said he wasn't quite ready for in the first place? It was only a few weeks ago that the two of them… [END OF PREVIEW]

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