Knowledge Management Systems Term Paper

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Knowledge Management

Tarsam Knowledge Management System

Consumer electronics is an industry known for very rapid product lifecycles, complex products, and the tendency to continually churn through retail sales personnel. This last dynamic occurs because the training on product is often lacking, incomplete or just wrong. What is needed is a comprehensive Web content management system that can be accessible by all of Tarsam's employees across the 7 stores on a 24/7 basis. This Web content management system must also have the ability to be accessed via the Internet from their homes so they can continue to learn about the latest products. It is highly recommended that a change management program be put into place to encourage and motivate all employees to continually learn about the latest products (Goodwin, Burford, Bedard, Carrigan, Hannigan, 2006). Posting the results of the training and testing sessions online, via the corporate Intranet is a practice many retailers rely on to give employees recognition for their accomplishments. This also creates a very high level of positive competition in a company, as employees want to out-learn each other and when that happens, the customers win (Goodwin, Burford, Bedard, Carrigan, Hannigan, 2006).

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Knowledge Management Systems Assignment

For Tarsam, time is both an asset and enemy. It is an asset when Tarsam gets the latest generation of electronics products before anyone in their city or region of the world, complete with complete documentation and training materials. It is a liability when the company has to fight to get even the most basic information about products. Unfortunately given the pace of the consumer electronics market, the latter is often the case. For Tarsam, they must turn time into a competitive force by alleviating the lag time of getting a new consumer electronics product and the training to sell and support it. Web content management systems are today being used pervasively throughout the consumer electronics industry to streamline knowledge transfer from manufacturers to retailers on a global scale (Jong, Wu, Li, 2011). Tarsam is missing out on the competitive advantages of integrating into the consumer electronics' manufacturer's systems, allowing time to turn into a liability instead of an asset.

What's also missing from Tarsam today is the ability to coordinate more complex transactions that are critical to the growth of the business, in addition to supporting the development of a company-wide system of record. A system of record provides a foundation for synchronizing the many strategies essential for the growth of the company (Pennington, 2007). As Tarsam has grown organically to seven stores, the processing workloads on the accounting, HR, marketing, sales, service and supply chain systems continue to escalate. As the original systems for each of these areas was designed to support only a few stores, the existing processes and systems in place for unifying these diverse departments needs to be re-designed.

Solution Recommendations

Retailers are continually battling tight timeframes to learn more about their products and take on the latest items so they don'[t lose sales to faster-moving competitors. For Tarsam, this is especially a challenge given the highly distributed nature of their 7 locations and 60 employees. Tarsam is in a knowledge race with their competitors and need to have a far greater level of assimilation of information to beat out other chains and win new customers. The following recommendations are predicated on the need to create a high level of credibility for Tarsam with its existing customers and potential new ones. One of the most valuable benefits of a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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