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Canadian travelers are heavily influenced by the exchange rate since when there is a favorable rate then this effectively reduces the total price of their vacation to Hawaii (Schaefers, 2011). Recently, the August data suggests that Canadians increased in total visitors as well as in total spending which rose to over one hundred thirty four million in March of 2012 (Hawaiin Toursim Authority, 2012).

Canadian Demographical Information

The three highest provinces in terms of the total population are Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, in that order. Toronto is Canada's largest city with a population of roughly five and a half million people living in the metropolitan area. Roughly five percent of the population in Canada earns ninety thousand or more per year and about half of these high-income Canadians live in Ontario (Murphy, 2007). Canadian have a progressive tax rate that is much different to that found in the United States and earn substantially less than the same income demographic in the United States. The labor force in Canada consists of over seventeen million people.

Table 2- Canadian Workforce (Statistics Canada, 2006)

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Canada has a high growth economy with low inflation and a gross domestic product (GDP) rate that has grown as high as five percent throughout its development. Canadians have had a grown disposable income rate that has been rising since the mid-nineties which is a strong indicator of economic health. Canadians spend roughly fifty five percent of their total incomes on consumption and this level varies by a couple percentage points in each direction.

Table 3 - Consumption Trend (Office of Consumer Affairs, 2010)

Table 4 - Disposable Income (Office of Consumer Affairs, 2010)

TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Kona, Hilo Marketing Plan Marketing Assignment

The Canadian people are among the best educated population in the world. In 2010, when the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development's (OECD) released its 2009 PISA results, Canada was ranked sixth overall and the highest English-speaking and French-speaking nation in the world (Education Canada, 2012). By contrast, the United States ranked seventeenth, slightly above the OECD average. Most of the Canadian education system is publically funded through taxes and the Canadian system is among the best school systems in the world.


The ideal target market for the Big Island would be high-income earners in Ontario between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-four. This demographic has a high level of disposable income, is well educated, and geographically condensed. Many Canadians use the internet as the primary tool for researching a vacation as well as booking. However, other promotional routes could also reach this demographic and there is a likely appeal to "snowbirds" during the Canadian peak season of December through March when it is the coldest in Canada.

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