Kotter's Approach to Change Application Essay

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Kotter's theory on organizational change

Kotter's theory has been known to help leaders leverage the power within their hands and utilize it effectively to bring about change in steps that are subdivided into manageable bits bringing about possibility of high success rates. According to the Managing Change (2012), the philosophy that was propagated by Kotters was geared more towards approaching leadership with change orientation than what management brings about. It indicates that "The fundamental purpose of management is to keep the current system functioning. The fundamental purpose of leadership is to produce useful change." Kotter further puts it that in order for an initiative, especially dealing with change to be successful, there is need to have at least 75% of the concerned people supporting the initiative. Consequently, one should spend most of the time in this step in order to galvanize significant amount of support and consequently surety of bringing about the change.

The case under study in this paper is the changes that were instituted in Walmart in 2010 and in particular the manner in which these changes were communicated to the employees.


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Bill Simon, the vice president of Walmart U.S. sent out a memo to all employees of Walmart notifying them of the changes that had been made within the organization. One of the key changes highlighted in the Memo was the realignment of the Logistics, Real estate and Store operations under one leader. The memo also highlighted the introduction of new senior leadership team with several promotions in the senior leadership positions. The Memo further informed the employees of the alignment of the Puerto Rica business with the U.S. ones. Finally the memo asks the employees to support the new changes and give a hand to the new leaders to make the organization achieve its goals.


Application Essay on Kotter's Approach to Change Assignment

The changes that were made at Walmart in this case in the year 2010 were predominantly meant to help salvage the name of the business that was facing stiff competition in the U.S. At the time. The economic slowdown that was experienced in the U.S. In 2009 onwards saw Walmart suffer a great deal and hence started looking to foreign land for more investments like Puerto Rica and even China. These new ventures called for changes in leadership and even the changes in operations hence these changes were effected rapidly and the employees informed of these changes.

The problem with these changes were numerous since most of them were internal changes and yet from the memo, it is apparent that the employees were not involved in the making of these changes, the y were also not informed of the impending changes and the changes were made and a list of changes passed down to them from the Vice president. Indeed, even before implementing the changes, the employees were not informed of how these changes would affect them and the organization in a positive or negative way, and an attempt to put that forward is in the introduction of this memo under study.

These changes, as noted by Adam Hartung (2012) failed to reach the intended ends within the organization with many responsibilities bundled on one desk due to the merging of the departments and also employees not buying into the changes fast enough as would be expected.

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