Kotter's and Lewin's Models Essay

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The model is easily understood and continues in use today. Also, force field analysis lends itself to more scientific decision making.

There are also some limitations associated with Lewin's model. The transition or Change phase can be a pleasant trap as people become comfortable in temporary situations where they are not accountable for the hazards of normal work, and where talking about change may substitute for real action. A different problem can occur with the Freeze phase. Organizations sometimes encourage this phase to remain in a state of slushiness where freezing is never really achieved, which in theory makes the next unfreezing easier. The problem with this approach is that people fall into a state of change shock where they work at a low level of efficiency and effectiveness while they await the next change. They come to feel that it is not worth the effort to improve what they do (Straker, 2011).

Further critique of Lewin's model argues that it "is very rational, goal and plan oriented" and that "change looks good on paper, as it makes rational sense, but when implemented the lack of considering human feelings and experiences can have negative consequences" (Kritsonis, 2005, p. 6). There is the danger that individuals become so enthusiastic about a new change that they overlook the "feelings, attitudes, past input or experience" of other employees. As a result they can encounter either resistance or little enthusiasm for the proposed changes (Kritsonis, 2005).

In summary, both Kotter's and Lewin's models offer ways of supporting strategic change. They allow for diagnostic tasks that enable a manager to effectively plan and implement change.

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Essay on Kotter's and Lewin's Models and Assignment

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