Essay: Krakatoa Is a Volcanic Island

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[. . .] After reevaluating Krakatoa's legacy, volcanologists have admitted that it was the 5th largest eruption of the this kind in world history (Winchester 4). Still, the other events did not occur when the human population of the region was so heavy. In terms of human life and the amount of debris which was raised up into the air, the Krakatoa eruption was one of the worst natural disasters in history. One witness said: "For two days after passing Anjer we passed through masses of dead bodies, hundreds and hundreds of them striking the ships on both sides -- groups of 50 and 100 all packed together, most of them naked" (Winchester 296). The amount of dead was enough to leave Krakatoa forever in the annals of world history. However, there was some rebirth that came as a result of the eruption. Subsequent eruptions created a whole new island broke the surface of the ocean in December of 1927, appropriately called Anak Krakatau or "Child of Krakatoa." Its existence was proof that even the most disastrous tragedies can be overcome and the world will continue on even after devastation.

When the volcano Krakatoa erupted, it did an enormous amount of damage. It destroyed homes and buildings. Worst of all was the sheer number of human lives that were ended by the eruption. If there is a happy side to this event, it is that people learned not to underestimate nature. From then on, people were more aware of the natural world in which they lived and the potential hazards which could affect their lives. There were still other disasters which took many lives and it is quite likely that there always will be. With each event, it is hoped that human beings take their lives less for granted and do whatever they are able in order to protect themselves, their lives, and their loved ones.

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