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5. Kessler, David. The Rights of the Dying. Perennial, 1998. Kessler presents a set of seventeen clear-cut ethical "rights" of all living persons, who should ideally be able to participate in one of the most important parts of their lives: their death. Included among these rights are the right to die itself: the central issue in the reformation of public policy. Kessler's book can provide an overall ethical framework from which to deal with the thorny issue of death and dying.

6. Byock, Ira. Dying Well. Riverhead, 1998. Another series of compelling case studies regarding the need for individuals in our society to better confront the issues of dying and death, Byock's Dying Well shows that death is not only an integral part of life but one that should not be feared so fully as to impact public policy against compassionate right-to-die legislation. The stories contained in The Rights of the Dying can help voters make informed decisions regarding their own right to die as well as the rights of their loved ones.

7. Urofsky, Melvin I. Letting Go: Death, Dying and the Law. University of Oklahoma Press, 1994. Unlike many of the other books in this annotated bibliography, Urofsky's Letting Go offers a legalistic perspective on the right-to-die. Showing how the law can at once support a patient's right to die and at the same time offer a sound, balanced, moral framework for a modern society, Urofsky's book is instrumental in guiding shifts in social norms, awareness, and public policy. Letting Go demonstrates that the right-to-die need not interfere with religiosity in American society.

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8. Eadie, Betty J. Embraced by the Light. Bantam, 1994. Another classic in its field, Eadie's Embraced by the Light is an esoteric, new age view on death and dying. Focusing on the potential of the near-death experience, Eadie's book is nevertheless Christian in perspective and can therefore be used to illustrate to the American public that although death can be frightening to think about, that death and dying themselves need not be perceived as so negative as to mould public policy toward admonition against the right to die.

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9. Ritchie, George. Return from Tomorrow. Revell, 1988. George Ritchie had a near-death experience. Like other books of its kind, Ritchie's encounters with the beyond and his renewed perspective on life can help reshape social norms in our culture and consequentially provide more compassionate laws regarding the right to die.

10. Kubler-Ross. Questions and Answers on Death and Dying. Scribner, 1997. A follow-up on her seminal On Death and Dying, Kubler-Ross here offers some updated advice for people dealing with their own or their loved ones' final moments. While Questions and Answers does not necessarily diverge significantly from Kubler-Ross's earlier work it can offer a focused perspective on some of the core issues surrounding the transition from life to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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