Kudler Fine Foods Channel and Pricing Strategies Research Paper

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Kudler Fine Foods: Italian Entrance Plan

Started in 1998 by Kathy Kudler to supply a perceived demand for high-end gourmet items at reasonable prices, Kudler Fine Foods, has already expanded to four stores and is exploring the option of international expansion. Specifically, the organization is considering a move into the Italian retail grocery market, offering the products it has sourced as well as its retail image to a culture well versed in gourmet foods and certain to have strong opinions about this new American entrant. Despite the challenges that cultural resistance might pose in this venture, there is a great deal of reason for optimism as to the profitability of Kudler's entrance into the Italian grocery market, as shall be described below.

Market Justification

The sustainability of the Italian grocery retail market has actually been a matter of great debate recently, with some analysts predicting a complete lack of retail grocery service in some parts of the country occurring in the next five years (Datamonitor 2010; Alvin 2010). While this could be seen as a threat to many, it also present an excellent opportunity for Kudler to both increase its niche presence and expand into larger grocery retail operations, maintaining a focus on price and quality while serving a dramatically under-served community of consumers (Datamonitor 2010). The current market instability is one of the major reasons Italy was chosen as a place for international entry; despite the greater risks it poses, with steady control and a strong plan the payoffs will also be substantially greater.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods Channel and Pricing Strategies Assignment

Current trends in the Italian grocery market have emphasized food and beverage sales over other product classes and have also demonstrated a current growth in preference for discount items and retail chains (Datamonitor 2010); Aruvian 2010). With a market size of many millions of consumers, however, there are necessarily niche markets that could be identified and profitably exploited through proper branding and marketing efforts (Alvin 2010). The market has actually be shrinking at the present time, but a lack of service to certain geographic areas as well as the boost to gourmet markets that can be achieved though a perception of scarcity can also be beneficial to the company (Datamonitor 2010); Alvin 2010). Profitability will not be easy to achieve in this market, but persistence and proper positioning in Kudler Fine Foods' identified niche market will assist in the growth and profitability for this company in the Italian retail grocery market (Aruvian 2010).

Channel and Pricing Strategies

There are three distinct channels by which marketing efforts must be refined in order to achieve the maximum benefit from marketing activities and to ensure the long-term viability of any business organization: the sales channel, the product channel, and the service channel (Kwik 2009). As a retail establishment, Kudler Fine Foods will ensure that the companies whose products it carries all maintain adequate images in the public eye in terms of operations and marketing; in this manner, Kudler will be able to maintain stricter control over the product and sales channels (Kwik 2009). Differentiating products and product images is key to Kudler's success.

Service strategies for maximizing marketing efforts will form the core of Kudler's image in the Italian market, with an emphasis on quality and knowledgability serving as the key differentiators for the Kudler brand as is often effective in higher-end niche markets (Kwik 2009). Pricing strategy presents a somewhat complex issue; the market has demonstrated a preference for discount items, and this is directly counter to Kudler's offerings (Datamonitor 2010). By developing its niche offerings, however, Kudler Foods should be able to sidestep this general trend, and its continued commitment to high quality at reasonable prices could well make it the brand of choice for middle of the road consumers. For this reason, a higher than average yet sill reasonable pricing structure is advised.

Environmental Factors

While regulating the labeling, distribution, and sale of food items like any… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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