Kudler Fine Foods Communications Plan Research Paper

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Kudler Fine Foods -- Communication Plan

Established in 1998, Kudler Fine Foods is the culmination of Kathy Kudler's vision to establish her own gourmet food store. She started the store in reaction the relatively limited choice of fine foods in her area. So successful was her venture, that Kathy was able to open a second and third store in her area. To increase the perceived expertise of her personnel, Kathy hired specialists to advise and assist clients with their culinary needs.

In addition, Kudler Fine Foods has been concerned with constructing an image that adheres to organic foods. This has created a customer base of health and food conscious people, all concerned with purchasing only the best that Kudler has to offer.

Because of the increasing success of the store, possibilities of international expansion have been investigated. Particularly, Canada and Italy were considered as good candidates for Kudler Fine Foods. When expanding, certain factors need to be taken into account, including specific national factors in the target country, politics, and the market demand for specialized foods and drinks.

Marketing Communications Plan


When constructing a Marketing Communications plan for Canada, one specific factor that must be taken into account is the country's strict standards concerning organic food and wine. One factor that is important in this regard is the fact that the concept of "organic" is, more often than not, flexible in the collective minds of territories, countries, and even individuals.Download full
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods Communications Plan Assignment

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency put national standards for organic food in place on June 30, 2009. According to these standards, any food products certified as organic must have 95% organic content, even to the extent of having the variation of the word "organic" displayed anywhere on the product. In addition, natural fertilizers must be used to grow the product (Going organic, 2009, CBC). This is something that must be kept in mind before a U.S. food company can expand into Canada. In addition, these factors must also be incorporated into the communication plan for marketing the product in the country.

What Kudler can use in its market strategy, is the fact that there has been an increase in Canadian demand for organic wines. Kudler can therefore focus on its organic wine products when creating a communications strategy. This focus can then be used as a vehicle for the sale of its food products as well.

In Italy, an additional challenge is the fact of cultural resistance to the food product, as Italian food an wine merchants take particular pride in their products. Even more than Canada, this can therefore be a somewhat difficult market to enter. Indeed, the Italian grocery market has seen an emphasis in food and beverage sales over other products (Datamonitor 2010).

What is important here is to focus not so much on the collective food and/or wine market, but rather upon identifying niche markets. These can then be used… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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