Kudler Fine Foods Product Offering Research Paper

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Kudler Fine Foods

California has long been well-known for being on the cutting edge of the food industry. Since 1998 Kudler Fine Foods has had a reputation as an establishment where consumers can purchase high-quality, sustainable products. Kudler's outreach has expanded into a wide diversity of product offerings, and it is considering embarking upon the venture of exporting organic wines to Canada.

Product offering

Although the definition of organic varies wildly in the U.S., and from nation to nation, Canada has very strict standards of what constitutes organic wine. Any producer entering Canada must be mindful of the fact that Canada has very strict standards as to what constitutes organic food. "National standards were put in place by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on June 30, 2009, stating that only food products comprised of 95 per cent organic content can be certified as organic or have the variation of the word 'organic' anywhere on the product or its packaging. This rule applies to fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and processed food. The product must also have been grown using natural fertilizers (Going organic, 2009, CBC). However, there has been a trend towards greater congruence of the two national standards which has resulted in greater acceptance of U.S. wines. For example, in Canada, "ever since the U.S. implemented its Organic Law in 2002 to accredit these products, organic wine consumption has also grown by 20% per year" (Worldwide organic wine consumption on increase, 2010, Wines from Spain).

Market needs

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Interest in organic produce and foods has increased dramatically, as fears over pesticides and concerns about sustainability have driven consumers who might otherwise have little interest in doing so to 'go organic.' Even more so than in the U.S., demand for organic food is booming in Canada. "Organic food is a booming business in Canada, with sales reportedly rising by 20 per cent a year for most of this decade. The market has grown so quickly that major supermarket chains are having difficulty keeping up with demand" (Going organic, 2009, CBC). Market growth

TOPIC: Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods Product Offering Assignment

Canada has native wine producers. However, Canada is rare in that its native wineries fulfill only a fraction of the growing demand for the beverage. The focus upon Canadian wine imports and exports has centered on marketing the region's ice wines, according to a report issued by a Canadian winemaking association (O'Dell 2009:8-9). Marketing California-based wines with a different flavor profile that boast a fully certified organic seal would seem to be an ideal way to satisfy Canadian consumer organic wine demand, without encroaching upon what Canadian producers themselves 'do well.'


Strengths: Kudler Fine Food's reputation for producing high-quality products in the United States; increased demand for organic products in general in Canada at a level even higher than that of the U.S.; a strong commitment to environmentalism in Canada, a lack of native competitors with the typical California wine 'flavor' profile of richness and robustness; higher demand in Canada in general for wine

Weaknesses: Possible discrepancies between definitions of organic in the U.S. And in Canada may cause concerns; the desire of Canadian winemakers to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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