Kudler Fine Foods Research Paper

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Kudler Fine Foods: Justification of International Market

Kudler fine Foods is planning to expand into other growing markets of the world and this time, it is seriously considering Italy as its next potential market. Kudler is known for its world class wine and its gourmet meats and other grocery items. It is for now only focusing on introducing its class of wine into Italian market and thus seeks to understand the growth potential and the size of the new market.

We must not forget that European Union countries are known for their role in wine production and Italy had once been producing more than 30% of wine coming from EU. However lately the number of vineyards has gone down but Italy still contributes 25% to total EU wine production. What makes Italy a very attractive market for Kudler is the fact that Italy has seen a consistent rise in its wine exports while local consumption has decreased. This means that if Kudler enters the market, it may be able to capture some of that export share as well while also getting significant share from local consumption.

With greater exports, Italy is more than welcoming to anyone who will help them increase their local wine production and become bigger exporters. Kudler can focus on this area of wine market as well while trying to capture the local market. This is because if a country is considered one of the hubs of wine production, it always makes sense to make an entry into that market with your own product.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods Assignment

Before we study this any further, let us see how Italy has been doing in the wine export area. According to research conducted by Association of enologists (Assoenologi), Italian export growth is majorly concentrated in two key areas i.e. two major types of table wines. One is Vini da Tavola… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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