Kuhn's Concept of the Paradigm Term Paper

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Kuhn's Concept Of The Paradigm

Austin, Michael (2007). Analysis as Model: Thomas Kuhn's Paradigm Shift in the Structure of Scientific Revolutions. http://webpages.shepherd.edu/maustin/kuhn/kuhnpaper.htm

Austin takes a very interesting approach to Kuhn's writing, in that he offers the insight that Kuhn's philosophy is not only applicable to the sciences, but also to Kuhn and his theories themselves. Indeed, the simple brilliance of this insight is that, not only has Kuhn revolutionized the way in which various fields of scientific history is viewed, but has also himself proven the concept. The site does not contain links to the original page, but this can be found by removing the extensions of the URL. Indeed, the site itself appears to indicate that it will be dedicated entirely to Kuhn, his philosophy, its history, and how these relate to the way in which modern scientific endeavors are approached.

Healy, Tim. (2007). Thomas Kuhn. Santa Clara University


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Healy takes an interestingly personal approach to the paradigm concept promoted by Kuhn. After a description of Kuhn's concepts, Healy applies these first to life in general, and then to his own life. In this, one might say that it is the opinion of one person only. Yet, it is particularly useful opinion, as it indicates that Kuhn's theory is useful not only in scientific circles, but indeed also to other disciplines and opinions. The site is legitimized by the citation of the University name, as well as the."edu" part of its URL.

Hubert, Christian (2007). Paradigm. Weird Science. http://christianhubert.com/writings/Paradigm.html

Christian Hubert gives a very clear and down-to-earth description of Kuhn's philosophy of paradigms. It appears that the site is aimed at researchers who are young, or those who do not move in philosophical circles on a daily basis. As part of his larger body of writings under the heading "Weird Science," the site does not appear particularly academic, but the information offered appears reliable, as it is based upon academic philosophy and writing.

Term Paper on Kuhn's Concept of the Paradigm Assignment

Ritzer, George. (2007). Paradigm. Encyclopedia of Social Theory. http://www.referenceworld.com/sage/socialtheory/sample1.html

Ritzer begins by delineating the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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