Essay: Kurdish Genocide What Countries

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Kurdish Genocide

What countries were responsible for the genocide against the Kurdish people in northern Iraq? This paper focuses on that question, and the clear answer will be presented; to wit, both Iraq and Turkey had hands in these evil deeds against innocent people, albeit the most draconian and inhumane aggression against the Kurds was committed by Saddam Hussein.

Hussein's Attack and the Aftermath

According to a peer-reviewed article in the scholarly journal Critical Arts: A South-North Journal of Cultural and Media Studies (Leurs, 2011), in March, 1988, the "largest poisonous gas attack ever to have been directed against civilians" compromised the health while killing many innocent people in Halabja, Iraq. For two days, Saddam Hussein's military planes dumped chemical weapons on Halabja in northern Iraq.

The estimate of the number of citizens killed in that two day attack was 5,000 -- at least those that were instantly killed by the chemicals. "In the years that followed thousands more have died and survivors will bear atrocious injuries" all the remaining years they live (Leurs, 298). The chemicals that Hussein's aircraft doused the Kurds with in March, 1988, included: mustard gas, sarin and tabun, Leurs explains (298). Sarin is a nerve gas that is listed as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations, and tabun is another very toxic chemical that (like sarin) is odorless and colorless -- but tabun interferes with the functioning of the nervous system in mammals.

The harm done to civilians (those who didn't die immediately) is ongoing; the harm includes miscarriages, birth defects, and leukemia, plus lung cancer and skin cancer (Leurs, 298). Why did Hussein attack the Kurds? Various answers to that question are available but the most common reason given was that Hussein was basically trying to eliminate all Kurds from his country. In 1982 Hussein's motorcade through Dujail (in Kurdish territory) was attacked, and shortly thereafter Hussein send hundreds of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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