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Global Workforce

Furthermore, employers are now focusing more on outsourcing and creating a rather global workforce. This is a growing problem because not only is it reducing jobs in America, it is promoting unfair labor practices all around the world. With outsourcing, employers can completely work without the fear of labor laws and workplace regulations. It has been seen that about 1.2 billion workers have been added to the global labor force (AFL-CIO, 2005) This sudden increased in labor coincides with the enhanced technological, transports and communication services. Goods and services can be moved across the world faster with decreased transaction costs.

The results are that workers are forced into a race to the bottom. Developing countries are burdened by debt and are required to enforce austerity at home. The result is that even though economies grow slowly, job security and job satisfaction has decreased to a significant extent. Companies are exploiting the workforce in China where the workers are working up to 16 hours a day in unhealthy working condition. These workers can be jailed or even fired if they try to make an independent union. (AFL-CIO, 2005)

Immigrant Workforce

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Another problem hindering the production and success of unions in America today is the increasing immigrant workforce. The international Labor Organization estimates that currently there are 175 million people that are living outside of their country of region. In the U.S. alone, 14.8% of the population is foreign born. This population surely contributes to a significant number of workforces that is working illegally in the country. These workers are working unfairly and cannot raise their voices due to the fear or deportation.

Surely, employers are making use of this and are making the employers work to the limits of human endurance. The end result is that employers take advantage of this class of workers, which ultimately goes on to reduce the working standards for all the workers. The U.S. born workers who work side by side with the immigrants are also victim of the same exploitation.

Union Organizing Process

Essay on Labor the Department of Labor Assignment

A Union organizing process involves many different steps but the first one is to seek union recognition. The NLRA allows the employees to bargain collectively with the employers and choose on establishing a union. Most of the times, many employers would not be in favor of the production of a union. Therefore, the employees need to express their rights to an election if 30% of the employees are demanding on making a union. The employees and their leader have to be especially careful in this process.

Employers go on to violate the NLRA if they threaten to fire an employee if he wishes to vote for a union. The employees need to be alert because many employers are likely to make such conditions that the union will lose its majority status within the voting units (Mehta, 2005) Therefore, employees should make use of their strategies and behaviors in such a way that they are cooperative with each other before going forth to their employer.

Bronfenbrenner (2000) stated that 51% of the employers threatened closing of the plant, 48% of the employers promised improvements, and 34% bribed the workers for special favors. All of these were tactics employed by the employers just so that the voting union would be reduced. This shows that the employees need to be determined and firm on their objectives before they go forward to make a union.

The elections are carried out by the NLRB and the losing party can even bring forth their concerns to the NLRB court. Therefore, in order to make a union, the employees need to get organize, come up with a strategy and be very clear about their goals and motives. The employees can claim that the employer committed an unfair labor practice. Furthermore, after the union has been formed, the employee can even take their claims and state how the employer is not bargaining with the union.

Strategies to make unions stronger

In order to reduce the exploitation and challenges stated above, global strategies need to be implemented that would help build stronger unions and organize workers in multinational companies across borders. At the level of the community and the government, we need to reform our tax policies in order to reduce the incentive to shift job overseas. Most of the companies are opting to outsource their business because of the increasing tax burdens. The situation can only be made simpler if the current government policies discourage the outsourcing of businesses.

Furthermore, there should be renewed investment in education, healthcare and infrastructure. Companies should also focus on increasing their investment for pension funding so that their competitive advantage is decreased. Furthermore, macroeconomic polices need to be in place such that there will be production, creation and maintenance of decent jobs. The government also needs to play their part by not putting the employers in an uncomfortable position. One example can be taken of the Affordable Care Act that has been suggested by the Obama Administration. This act makes it compulsory for small businesses to pay for health insurance. With increasing prices of health care, the premium costs place a lot of strain on the employers. They are forced to fire employees and reduce their working hours. The end result is that both he employer and the employees are under a lot of financial burden.

Collective representation

As mentioned before, working people need to have a collective voice if they are to bring about changes in the working conditions today. They need bargaining unions to bring about the changes that they want. If Americans do not agree for a collective representation, they will be threatened with unlivable wages, increased working hours and horrible working conditions. Unions have been the answer to the disparity in the past and they can still be made a success today as well. The families in America are in urgent need of powerful unions in the growing economic instability present today.

There needs to be a production of a national online workplace survey that workers can make use of. Employees all over the country will get a chance to rate their employers and publish these results online. If this idea can be further established, then employers in a certain industry or region can be ranked. This will ultimately place the power in the hands of the worker and it will show everyone where every employer stands. These rankings and the ultimate results posted can be more production and powerful than a mere strike. Similar to the actions of Kaiser Permanent and its union coalition, many workers and employers can create partnership that would nurture employee engagement. There is a possibility that many employees do not trust the in leaders who keep on bashing the employers. The best thing is that to have the workers directly maintain dialogues with the leaders so that everyone is able to sort out their problems.

As for the problem of immigrant workers, the entire community needs to work to reduce it. Social media, political pressure and community organizing should be utilized to expose employers that exploit the immigrants or other workers. These people would be automatically violating the standards of human and labor rights. Their treatment is a disgrace not only for them but it is also a national disgrace as well. This public defame would force the employers to create codes of conduct just like companies like Nike and Apple have been forced to do. These multinational companies were exposed and defamed through social media. The ultimate result was they reformed their policies such that the workers were not exploited anymore.


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