Labor Laws Should American Research Paper

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41). The laws need to be changed to allow a goal of "fair treatment" for workers as well as capital flexibility; right now technological changes tend to benefit "those who have ownership rights" to that technology, and that leaves workers out of the mix, in many instances (Befort, p. 42).

Meanwhile, one current labor law that doesn't need to be abolished but needs to be more strictly enforced is the U.S. "Fair labor and Standards Act." According to business writer Joseph Malek, this Act was written and implemented in order to ensure the rights of workers but it is "…poorly enforced." Why? Malek says the lack of enforcement results from the impressive "financial strength of the employers within the U.S." -- which entails ongoing attempts to destroy labor unions (Malek, 2012). Some claims by workers under the Act are "…poorly investigated and rarely enforced," and clearly this is one labor law that needs more attention and needs to be fully enforced, Malek asserts.

Labor laws do indeed need to be updated, according to Vincent Zafonte of the Heritage Foundation, who believes that the decline of unions results from "antiquated labor laws which do not meet the needs of modern American workers" (Zafonte, 2013). The economy that was in place when the National labor Relations Act was put in place eight decades ago was a "more industrial economy," and the modernization of the economy through technologies and globalization has left unions behind, Zafonte explains. Hence, both employees and employers are being held back by "outdated restrictions in labor laws" (p. 2).

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In conclusion, certainly there is an urgent need for labor laws to be updated due to the changing nature of the economy and due to globalization. But there is no way the government and leaders in labor and management are willing to certainly abolish labor laws; instead, the need is great when it comes to amending and updating those laws.

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Research Paper on Labor Laws Should American Labor Assignment

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