Labor Relations and Unions Essay

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Labor Relations

Labor Relataions

Labor unions are involved in representing workers in the places of work. They bargain for better wages, benefits and good working conditions for the workers. Labor unions represent their members whenever disputes arise between the management and the workers.

Factors contributing to decline in union membership

Several factors contribute to the decline in union membership. The government has passed laws regarding the number of hours that workers are supposed to work, rights and standards of workers and overtime pay. The government has taken custody of what Labor unions did thus decreasing their membership. Automation has also led to low labor membership as most companies have come up with labor saving machinery to perform tasks that were previously handled by workers. Nowadays, workers are less interested in joining unions, contributing to the decline.

Decline in labor membership is a negative trend. Labor unions give employees the chance to work together as a team so as to improve their working conditions. Decline in labor membership denies workers the chance to raise their grievances about the poor status of their places of work for fear of being sacked. Unions give employees the right to demand an increase in wages. They put up pay standards that employers use to pay their workers Newton & Shore, 1992.

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Decline in labor membership gives the employers the chance to oppress the workers by giving them low wages. Workers in a unionized environment have an advantage over those in nonunionized environment. They receive paid leave, have good health insurance cover and better pension plans. Many immigrants also work illegally in the country because of the decrease in unionization. If all workers were to join union, tracing illegal immigrants would be much easier Cornwell & Harrison, 2004.

They would be deported back to their countries of origin.

Factors that contributed to growth of American Labor Movement

Essay on Labor Relations & Unions Assignment

The 1870s and 1880s saw growth in the American labor movement. These labor movements helped to create citywide coalitions, organized workers strikes and helped solve disputes between employers and employees. In the 1800s, America became the world's largest source of manufactured goods. It had raw materials such as coal, iron and oil. Workers who were employed in the manufacturing companies formed unions which fought for their rights, leading to growth in labor movements. The abundant labor supply and high demand for industrial jobs made labor cheap. The increased supply of labor was due to the immigrants who came into the country between 1865 and 1900 Dixon, 2010.

These workers formed labor unions to organize for higher pay.

America had capital for investing in businesses. These businesses grew and employed many workers. The workers formed unions, thus increasing the growth of American labor movements.

Americans worked for10 hours a day, six days a week during the 1800s. The labor unions fought for higher wages and eight hour day working period. They also helped achieve equal rights for African-Americans and women. Workers were allowed to form cooperatives which helped them improve their standards of living. Labor saving technological advances in the U.S. during the 1880s promoted the growth of labor movements since workers were fighting for their jobs. The workers fought against the introduction of the machines which would make them lose their jobs. Labor unions gave the employees the power of striking and not be sacked by their employers. This allows them to air their grievances to their employer Krinsky & Reese, 2006.

If the employee's grievances are met, there will be increased productivity of a company.

Advantages of labor unions

Unions help to improve the income of employees. This helps to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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